32cm Black Kelly...what leather?


Feb 28, 2006
HG has gotten me all in a box tizzy this morning.:hysteric: And since I have to take my precious Birkin in to the H hospital, I need something to occupy my thoughts.

I know for sure that I want a 32cm black retourne Kelly. Now, do I want box or coromandel? :shrugs: :shrugs:
I've been totally set on chevre for the longest time but now I'm confused.

I'm looking for a bag that I can use everyday if I wish, but I wouldn't call it a throw-around bag. (I'll save my Balenciaga or future Bolide for that.) I want a trusty Kelly that I could travel with, take out at night, shopping...wherever. Basically I want my first Kelly to be something that can grow old with me. Scratches don't really bug me that much if they look "cool" and will, over time blend in or can be buffed out.

I'm concered about corner wear. Which will fare better on a Kelly that will definitely not sit in her orange box all day?
GT I am so crazy about box as well! and I am confused as ever. I want a workhorse but I want smooth leather....and I don't want it to slouch!
can never go wrong w/ chevre though!

hm..sorry no help..hehe
I am currently addicted to the idea of chevre...have not caught box fever...yet! Would select box if available but would be too OCD to use as an "everyday" bag...
BTW, EVENTUALLY, I want a black 30cm Birkin. I will try and get the leather that I don't end up with for the black Kelly. Eventually (If phh doesn't kill me) I'll have both. But I want the Kelly first! mwahahahaha
Hehe, GT, after reading your post that's the leather that immediately comes to mind. And we all know that Kellys look their best in Box! =)

Yes, they look especially swanky in box. And Retourne would be easier to access and holds more. hmmmmm

Socal, our store does not seem to get a lot of coromandel. :sad: I've always been an addict!

Hmm, I could get a black box Kelly, and LATER (doncha love how I keep saying that!!) a Very Anis Chevre 28cm Kelly.... hmmmmm