$320 to spend. What should I buy?

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  1. What should I buy around this price range (men's items) I already a damier ebene wallet.
  2. look into the new keep it bracelets-all 3 prints; or the business card holder-azur
  3. Pocket Organizer
  4. I think the "keep it" bracelet is a good idea, other wise I would definitely buy a belt, will be more than what you have, but well worth it!
  5. save it, and buy something you love! im not a big fan of buying LV, just to buy it. kwim?
  6. ^Yeah, I agree with AWhitney^ Save it for something more substantial. LV is expensive and you have to save alot (usually close to $1K) to get something nice.
  7. Save it!
  8. Great advice
  9. One more vote for save it and get something you really want as opposed to having to "find" something to want. Its not easy always, money can seem to burn in your pocket, but think about what you REALLY want and then keep your eyes on the prize....
  10. Ita
  11. yup. save it. My boyfriend and I both agreed that instead of getting small presents for Birthday, new year, anniversary and many other small occasions, we should combine some of them up for a much bigger present lol. The next thing you know, your LV collection will grow super quick with great things while you r actually spending less.
  12. save it
  13. Yep save it
  14. Save it, I agree that way you can get something really good!
  15. Another vote for save it!