32 Kelly in gold or rouge garrance

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  1. I'm considering my first 32 kelly but undecided on the color. Undecided between the gold or rouge garrance. Please give me your opinion. I have a black 32HAC and would love a kelly in a different color. Is there a classic color for a kelly?
  2. Are you thinking Retourne or Sellier? Also what type of leather are you thinking of because that could change your decision as well.
  3. I know it would be retourne, I think the leather is togo, but not sure
  4. Would you prefer it for work or casual? What colours do you normally wear?
  5. I'd go for Rouge Garrance for a sharp difference from the Black HAC that you already have, if I were choosing for myself.
  6. Rouge garrance would add a nice and elegant splash of color to your wardrobe. I want one tooooooo! :heart:
  7. oooh...that's a no brainer for me....RG! I LOVE a red Kelly! Plan to have one someday!:heart:
  8. I have a RG Kelly and it's surprisingly neutral, depending on your wardrobe palatte. I wear a lot of black, so it's perfect for me. I say red! :tup:
  9. Rouge Garance !!!! :heart:
  10. Rouge Garrance!!!
  11. I'd love to have a rouge garrance kelly too. Go get that if you can! :tup:
  12. I vote for rouge garrance! J, you should come by and play with my rouge garrance lindy to see if you like the color.
  13. I would go for gold. Saw one the other day and absolutely loved it!
  14. Definitely RG! Since it's such a great neutral blue-based red, it will work with most of the existing clothes you wear with your HAC. Gold requires a different palette altogether. Tell us what you decide!
  15. Another vote for RG. Makes a pretty Kelly.