32 HAC too small for a 35cm girl?

  1. Ive never seen a 32HAC IRL, I'm just wondering if the size will seem too small for someone like me, who has 35cm birkins and 40cm birkins, im not tall, 5'7, the other HAC size is 37cm correct? would hat be better?

    For those who have 32cm HAC's, thoughts?
  2. Wow - I almost posted a very similar question!!

    I have a 32 HAC and a 35, and am 5'11. I love the shape of the 32 HAC, but the handles are a good inch shorter than the 35 Birkin - and I therefore cannot comfortably wear it on my arm (it goes mid-forearm, with no coat/sweater). It is a handbag only.

    I am VERY curious about the 36 HAC! I want to know if the handle is longer - as long as the 35 Birkin... I *thought* I was going to order a 40 Birkin, but after trolling through all the HAC threads this morning (and going through guccigal07's many *wonderful* action shots in the "Your Hermes in action" thread), I am thinking HAC 36!
  3. ^^ ps. next size HAC is 36, not 37
  4. i thinkto wear a 36hac you would need to be 5'7" or taller. i had one and sold it as it was a little to too long for me at 5'6"
  5. Do you happen to remember what the 36 handles were like? (ie are they as long as a Birkin 35?)
  6. I'm 5'7'" and I think the 32 is just a great size.
    I have tried a 36 but I feel really clumsy with it on.
  7. I love this forum! Before I joined all I knew about Hermes was scarves, Kelly, Birkin. I never cared much for the Birkin, but since joining I have learned about the HAC. I love the HAC. It's odd how a few cm can totally change the look and feel of a bag.
  8. sukkar, I love the HAC 32, am a size 35 girl too by virtue of lifestyle, & 5'3". Are you near an H-store, best way to know is to try it on IRL & see how you feel with it. It is funny how apart from proportions,sometimes it is something so personal, that you'll have to encounter it first-hand. That's how I felt when I got my size 30, my initial reaction when I got it was , wow, it's tiny, then I told myself that I would get used to it but I'm still not loving it. Many people my size love the 30 but in my mind's eye, I think that 35 is perfect & I also love my HAC32. When I want small, I love my kellys:heart:! I hope you'll get to experience the HAC sizes in person, let us know how it turns out!
  9. I'm your same height and I agree with you: I only have 35 and 40 Birkins, but I tried on both a 32 HAC and a 36, and the 32 is just right for me, while the 36 looks like luggage!!!
  10. I am the same height also and prefer a 32 HAC
  11. I am 5'9 and love both the Birkin 35 and HAC 32. The size is perfect. I had bought a 30 cm ostrich Birkin and re-sold as it was significantly smaller and looked out of proportion on my body as a casual bag which I prefer. I even reconsidered my Kelly 32 and decided to sell it and get a 35cm Kelly instead.
  12. hello I am 5'6" and I love the HAC 32cm... Holds quite close to a 35cm Birkin. I can certainly get my HAC into the crook of my arm/elbow without truoble but not with a coat :o)
  14. ^ I completely agree with you, fs!