32 cm HAC Opinions please!

  1. What do you guys think of HAC 32cm in black with palladium? Do you guys like HAC? Is it popular? Does anyone have one? I was told that HAC is harder to get than birkin nowdays... What is your opinion on HAC? Please give me some your opinion on this:wondering :wondering :wondering
  2. I like them but prefer the proportions of the regular Birkin. I just prefer the slightly longer handles and the more east/west look of the Birkin 30 and 35. Some people LOVE their HAC bags so much and you can't go wrong with black/palladium.
  3. The HAC has really been growing on me. There was a picture of a petite girl holding her 32 HAC from tFS but I can't find it. But I still prefer the regular Birkin.
  4. I love the HAC and would want one myself...BUT, you have to realize it is really a "handbag" and you have less options on carrying it. I would love one in black with palladium as well. Just realize the handles are shorter and you carry it more like a true ladies bag. Love it if that can work for your lifestyle.
  5. I think it's VERY similar in size - I wonder what the true difference is in the handles? A little smaller but simply a great bag!
  6. Can somebody enlighten me: what's a HAC?
  7. A HAC is the Haut A Courroies, which is taller than a "regular" Birkin with shorter handles. It's actually the original Birkin size. Here's a few pics- the first 2 are 32's, the last is a 36.
    Birkin 32 HAC Gold.jpg Hermes Birkin 32 HAC.jpg Hermes Birkin 36 HAC.jpg
  8. Wow - the handles on the 36 look a lot longer...

    I would love to have a HAC after my first regular birkin. I think this may make me look taller (haha)
  9. My vote still stays with a birkin! HAC is taller/deeper (dig deeper to access your stuff) and also the handle is smaller (if u are big like me it may not be very practical). I have 2 HACs, one 32 which i used it for only 2 weeks after i bought it and a 36 which is still happily sitting in the box collecting dust... I always tell myself, one day i will use it and that one day never came (so far).

    What leather is the HAC? Hate epsom! Do not get epsom!
  10. What kind of leather is epsom? Why is it bad? Is it easy to get scratched?
  11. Epsom is grained leather, matt looking and sturdy.. reason why i hate epsom leather is that is dull looking and also it gets wear off easily, especially on light color, and it scratches pretty easier as well, .. sample:


    Look what happened when i only used it for 1 week traveling thru europe.. and i am a pretty careful person when using my bags...
  12. what hermes bag is that? i've never seen exposed piping like that. sorry about the wear after just 1 week. that's not right. :sad:
  13. i completely prefer the hac to the birkin. my understanding is that they are easier to buy (than the birkin) but perhaps they are produced in fewer numbers, due to less demand, so it might not be super easy to find one - that is, at least when a store does get them in, perhaps they aren't hidden in the back, saved for vip customers. i like the shape, the proportions. birkin looks too abbreviated to me, which i guess it technically is, since it's a modified hac. birkin is probably more practical/convenient though.
  14. Brattyone, is that an Evelyne?

    Sorry about your bag! Perhaps they can so something at the spa for it?
  15. What a coinsidence, I have a 32cm HAC on it's way to me.! Black box calf palladium hardware too ! the 30cm is too small for me, and I thought this 32cm would work perfectly. The HAC has a very elegant silhouette. I have two 35cm Birkins and think this will be good to try out.