32 Box HAC & Weight

  1. Be honest, how heavy is a box HAC? I adore the 32 cm version but am a bit anxious as box is a heavier leather and well, you can't wear this bag on your shoulder. Has anyone ever purchased a 32 box and not use it because it's too heavy? TIA!

    P.S. I did consider the 28 cm version but my SA thinks this size doesn't exist for whatever reason. Additionally, I'm a bit hesitant as the last 28 cm (rigid kelly) that I saw had me fretting over how little I can fit in the actual bag. For reference, a 30 cm birkin looks perfect against my frame!
  2. i don't own a Box HAC, but i have a 32cm in Vache natural and from what i've heard, they are fairly similar in terms of weight? Its definitely not the lightest bag around, but i don't find it overly heavy. My bag isn't with me now but when it was, i used it quite regularly! Its definitely a great size, and wasn't too heavy for me!
  3. Oh, hl.....I love the HAC 32....and never found the box calf to be especially heavy....no more so than any other leather. In fact, somehow in my mind, I feel box is lighter than others.

    Has Hermes stopped making the HAC 28?? It's looks to be a neat size although I've not had the pleasure of trying one....I'd like to, tho.

    It might be a consideration (?) for you as the HAC 28 will be deeper ( front to back ) than the Kelly 28....it will hold more:yes:
  4. Are you joking HL??? Box is among the lightest leathers that H does: my 35 Box Birkin weighs 1kg, while my Clemence and Vache Naturelle (all 35) weigh 1.3/1.4kg: You can really feel the difference when you hold it!!!
    Box is fantastic for this reason aswell!!!!:tup:
  5. HL.....My 32cm Box HAC was a dream. Not too heavy and just gorgeous. I sold it ONLY because the size was too big for me. Otherwise, I'd still have that beauty.

    HOWEVER. Once you load it up it does tend to get a little heavy if you're going to be carrying it all day long as a tote. And by "load it up", I mean in addition to all your daily handbag stuff, if you should put files, a paperback, a magazine or two even a waterbottle, a sweater or shawl.....this will make for a heavy bag after a little while. As it would with any bag, I think. The tendancy I had with my 32cm was to use it more as a tote (because it's tall and roomy inside) and not as a handbag while my 28cm HAC I use as just a handbag.

    (And they don't make 28cm HACs? I've got one that just arrived a few weeks ago!!!! LOL!!!! Maybe your SA meant that 28cm HAC's in BOX calf are not being made?)
  6. You ladies are the best. Thank you!
  7. Sorry about that. I still have flashbacks of holding a 40 cm black box Kelly. OMG, I thought I was going to get carpel tunnel syndrome immediately. And if that was not bad enough, the SA really tried to sell it to me as an everyday bag!:tdown:
  8. Hermes_Lemming : the 32 HAC is actually a great size - i was contemplating getting that before the 28kelly bowled me over.
    But if i think you're concerned abt the look of the bag on you (i reckon you're my size - cuz the birkin 30 looks great one me - haahaa - when i get mine :p ) then u may want to reconsider. I felt that the 32 HAC overwhelmed little old me (even though it was in gorgeous Havanne Box leather) In short, i think it made me look short. :p

    I'm pretty sure the 28 HAC is still in production !! Pls check wif your SA again ?