31 yr old artist - first LV - Cabas Piano???? Help Please

  1. Hi everyone,

    I absolutely love this website and have been a huge foan for months. I, like most of you have a LOVE for beautiful bags! I own a British tan Chloe paddington and am now looking to expand my designer collection....

    What does everyone think of the Cabas Piano? It doesn't seem to be very popular? I have already decided to get a speedy 25 but still can't decide on the piano? Why is it unpopular? Any thought would be greatly appreciated!!

    many thanks

    Claire xxx
  2. I think it's a GREAT bag! You can carry so much stuff in it, so it's practical and it's really stylish too...very classic!

    I don't think it's unpopular...maybe more people go for the Speedy because it's more iconic of LV?

    Either way, I'm glad you decided to get the Speedy 25!! Can't wait to get mine!

    PS- Welcome to tPF! :heart:
  3. Its a great bag. I had one for years and only recently sold it to my girlfriend. Its a great bag and she now uses it everyday.
  4. Speedy 25 is a great bag, and welcome to TPF !!! :welcome:
  5. I don't think the Piano is unpopular at all. I think it's a classic, beautiful bag that fits lots of stuff. Welcome to tPF!
  6. I love the Cabas Piano.
  7. Both are great bags. Perhaps the Speedy is more "popular" due to being lesser in price.
  8. I also love the cabas piano!

    I believe Angelina Jolie has both piano & mezzo:




    I can't seem to find pics of her cabas piano, lol, but there are lots out there
  9. Welcome to tpf! I think it is a great bag as well, but the bottom is all vanchetta. You have to be careful that you don't "kill" the leather. I like the bag on other people, but it doesn't look good on me :tdown:
  10. Either one....both bags are great, but I like classic speedy myself....
  11. It is beautiful bag.
  12. It's a great bag!!!!
  13. I had the Cabas Piano and sold it. I hated it. The zipper stays attached to the bag so you cant open the bag nice and wide. I was so happy the day I sold it.

    If your in to art then dont you need a bigger bag like the Cabas Mezzo? I would also pick your Speedy size by your body shape. If your small get the 25, but if your taller etc then go for the 30.

    Good Luck!