31 Rue Cambon & other hauls

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    Thanks! Strangely enough, I think I am more excited over my vintage bags! The quality of lambskin seem so much better in the past! So buttery soft & yet tough enough to retain its own shape & structure. I finally understood what the old time collectors of Chanel are talking about the declining quality of recent bags.
  2. Thank you! Am glad I can share this on tpf when in real life, I can't talk about bags at all!
  3. U r most welcome.. Btw we r watch twins;)
  4. Hi twin! ;)

    I love my new watch, don't you! Love that no one recognizes it except those into rollies, meaning I can wear it in all occasions! :biggrin:
  5. Yes twin:smile: versatile perfect from day to night:smile: n last for ever:smile:
  6. Ha ha!! I agree with Tutu-you are officially banned! Love it all and the all stainless steel Rolex too! Congrats:smile:
  7. Lovely items!! Beautiful vintage bags!! Congratulations on all your purchases!!
  8. Beautiful haul! Congrats!
  9. Wow, awesome haul congrats!
  10. I know the feeling!! Everyone thinks I'm nuts!!!
  11. Great buy! Love all your purchased!:loveeyes: I am looking for the red wallet too. May I know where you bought it?
  12. Gorgeous!

    I'm wondering what do you mean magnetic box? Is it the black boxes?
    or something else?

    Love the white box!
  13. Thanks! Yes, am forcing myself in a strait jacket on ban island blind folded! :p
  14. Thank you! I ESP love my vintage bags! The vintage lambskin is amazing!!!
  15. Thank you! It makes me happy just looking at them :p