30th Birthday

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  1. Hi All... im planning my 30th birthday...

    looking for favor ideas for my guests. Any suggestions?

  2. how many people do you plan to invite, will it be hosted at your place or restaurant? :party:
  3. #3 Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
    I was overseas for my birthday and had a small party/celebration at a cocktail bar. No favors though...

    First think that comes to mind is books, candles, custom made t shirts.
  4. So I will have approx 40-50 ppl... its a steak and sushi restaurant in their lounge. Its very nice and super excited!!! It has a modern feel...

    I dont really have a theme.. but my invitation makes mention of it being fun, flirty and dirty!.. ( not in a nasty way) if you know what i mean...

    Just want it to be nice... i was thinking of mints, cookies,any edible item or a cocktail mix packet...

    what do you guys think???
  5. cookies are always nice. maybe cookies in the shape of the numbers 3 and zero
  6. Cup cakes?
  7. cookies and cup cakes are great ideas if your group don't count calories.....I once attended a party where most people are very health conscious, only few people helped them self with cup cakes, and the host was not too happy about it. I do like the idea of cocktail mix packet! I've never seen it as favorites :nuts:
  8. seriously those people should lighten up
  9. ITA. Diet before manners... Terrible...
  10. You guys are funny!
    I just got back from a friends informal 40th and it was so cute... she put out candy that was from the 70's and candy that was made to represent games that were popular in the 70's! I thought it was cute!

    I may try the drink mix... stay tuned!