30th Birthday Present for hubby ?

  1. My hubby is turning 30 in 2 weeks, and I really would like to do something special. I was thinking of throwing him a party for a few friends and family, but he hates parties and crowd. My birthday present for him includes 4 sets of new tires (:idea: yeah, it's practical) ....and now, I'm thinking of fixing up a really nice dinner (lobster and steak) with candlelight:P ...and I really want to give him something else. Something for him to look back years from now and say, yeah, this is what I got for my 30th birthday. Any ideas:idea: ?
  2. I think what you have in mind sounds great :yahoo:When I turned 30, a bunch of us went out to a club in San Francisco and .....you can imagine the rest :nuts:

    Good luck with your plans!
  3. Not a bad idea to go clubbing and get plastered the night before, lol. Im sure he'll remember that for sure!
  4. I've bought my husband new golf clubs as a gift. He has said they are the best gift he ever got .
  5. How about a quick romantic trip, say fly to San Fran, a nice dinner and then one night stay over then brunch and fly back...if he is not into that how about something like a 30 flight in a F-18? That will knock his socks off..
  6. I bought my husband a 30 year old bottle of wine for his birthday. You can also get a 30 year old bottle of scotch. We have never opened it, but he loved the trouble that I had gone to, to get it for him.

    there are loads of sites like this link here, I just did a search under 30 year old wine :yes:
    sendwine.com - Port Wines: Dow Port Wine 30 Year Old 750ml
  7. I bought my husband an LV wallet and a panerai watch for his birthday..
  8. I got him Chopard watch Mille Miglia racing edition in red.. he loved it!
  9. Wow, great ideas ladies! Some of these I have never even thought of! Hmmn...something that will blow his mind. I think the 30 minute on a F-18 will definitely do that...and the 30 yr old bottle of wine, that's amazing! Thanks for the amazing suggestions!
  10. You can do the dinner at home...but make it totally unexpected. One year my DH, had been out of town for a month and got back on Halloween...I answered the door dressed in a very small witches costume, with a platter of his favourite candies, and had a Halloween themed dinner. Another time...I rented a limo for a quick pick -up. You could do it from his job (maybe call him and have him meet you outside), and I wore a little black dress, very high-heels, and a chauffers cap. You could do that and have the limo just drive you home for you dinner. Have the paper bags with candles on the way to your front door, etc... I have to say that the chauffer thing is something that he still talks about to this day!!
  11. WOW! Thanks Anne! Great ideas here!
  12. How about surprising him with a nice dinner at a restaurant.....and upon arrival he'll see that sitting at the table are his family and just a couple of his closest friends. I like the 30 yo bottle of wine idea, and you could also give him gifts that relate to his interests (tickets to a sports game? a tee time at the golf course he's always wanted to check out? a day at the spa?).
  13. everyones ideas are great.. it can be thoughtful wthout being someothing VERY expensive since u already bought alt.. my bf is turing 30 in 2years i want to buy him a reallly nice watch
  14. Kristy, this is not a bad idea at all...but does that mean I have to pick up tabs for everyone, lol! His family do like going to this one particular restaurant...not so posh, but good food. This is great, got lots of thinking to do within the next two weeks!!!! Love all your ideas!!!
  15. Baby Boo.... amen to that! :yes: