30th Birthday Need To Pick Out LV! Help!

  1. My husband is getting me a LV for my 30th. I know I want a speedy but which one? Is the 35 too big for everyday? Do they get out of shape? I like a structured look. I have some time to decide, so any thoughts would be great. Thanks!
  2. If you want the structured look, go for the MC Speedy.
  3. Epi Speedy in ANY color!!!:love:
  4. Get a cherry red Speedy.

    Then mail it to me at... :biggrin:
  5. ditto
  6. I agree with LV_Addict, if you would like a structured Speedy consider an epi one. Size 30. Oooh, what a nice gift that would be.
  7. If you want a more structured bag, you should opt for an Epi Speedy. It's more structured than the Mono Speedy. I love the 30.
  8. If you prefer a structured look, try the epi speedy or mc speedy. A mono speedy will only look structured if it's stuffed to capacity.
  9. ditto on the epi speedy.
  10. speedy 30 for your 30th birthday :graucho:
  11. Epi Speedy 30 Black For Your 30th Birthday-you'll Feel Like Royalty!-its Soooooooo Classic And Fine
  12. agree! speedy 30 for 30th bday :smile:
    how about the perforated in fuschia, or MC are great!
  13. It really depends on what you already have in your LV collection. You can't go wrong with the monogram Speedy 30 though. It is classic and timeless.

    Your bag is going to be new but I personally love the French Company Speedy made "back in the day." Since it has the leather strip at the bottom the bag is more structured. I also love the fact that the LV's are right side up on both sides. I wish my 30 was a 35.... :noworry:

    Remember that two tricks to make a monogram Speedy more structured is the card board placed at the bottom and a purseket. Your bag will then not sag and it will be structured.

    Good luck with your decision and have a happy birthday!
  14. 2nd this suggestion.
    Mainly because it goes along the same rationale that i bought my Damier speedy 25 for my 25th b-day :biggrin:
  15. Have you seen LV_A's pics of her speedys? She has em on the Grafitti thread (I think?) Trust the speedy master, she will not steer you wrong!:yes: