30th bday present help!!

  1. So I am back in love with LV. My 30th is in 3 weeks and I was thinking of getting a mahina. Should I go leather or denim? My husband already got me a Chopard for Christmas that was supposed to be for my big birthday so now I am looking at another bag. Or should I wait to get to Vegas and see what else is out there-I live in NY and frequent the one on 57th street so I am doubting there is anything I have never seen or could I be wrong? Or do I wait for a richard prince bag?
  2. I think you should go for the leather Mahina.. what size were you thinking about getting?
  3. LEATHER MAHINA for sure! and happy early birthday!
  4. Wait for Vegas!! It's always fun getting something on vacation, especially a bag!
  5. Love the leather version, not so sure abt denim.. U could alwaysget something small when u get to Vegas!
  6. leather, because it's always in style and will last longer. happy 30th!!! i hope your birthday is everything you want it to be.
  7. Mahina.:tup:
  8. Not a big fan of Mahina. But if Mahina is your choice- go for leather. I love the feel- soft and light.
  9. i am thinking of the xl. the xxl looks way too big. i love the black.
  10. lether mahina! it is gorgeous! happy -early- birthday ;)
  11. Def leather mahina... LOVE that bag... didn't I see in a thread somewhere that it is coming out in a slightly smaller size? that one would be good:tup:
  12. ohhh u totaly have to get the mahina
  13. Vegas Baby!!!