30's Not a girl but not a grownup

  1. Hi, I just wanted to tell you ladies about what happened to me today.

    I am 34 but inless I look in the mirror I still think I am like 20.

    So I am at the Buckle in the mall today. It is a trendy clothing store that targets 16 to 30 year olds. I am looking at Affliction shirts for my hubby. And there is a young guy about 18 - 22 a few feet away. The sales girl comes up to us. She asks, "Are you guys looking for Affliction shirts?" as if we are together.

    I got the impression she thought we were a couple. And we both answered seperatly. So he walks off and she is helping me and then to my HORROR :wtf: asks, "Is that your son?"

    absolute Horror. :wtf: This smilie is exactlly what I did. It made me ill. My face flushed. I could barely respond. I couldn't even think to shop. I left.

    I *Still* can't believe I look like someones mom. While I am physically old enough to have had him when I was 16 or so. I amjust having trouble dealing with this age i am.

    I don't have kids and I am not saying it is bad to be a "Mom". But it is bad when you think someone is implying you are dating the hot guy next to you but then you realize they are implying you are his Mom. In that sense I don't want to look like a "Mom".

    I know I am not a kid any more. But, I don't feel like a grown up either. Besides the sheer horror of what happened today - In general I feel stuck between 2 worlds. I don't want to look like Fergie. A 30 year old dressing like a 14 yr old. But, I don't want to be the "Mom" out shopping with her hottie son.

    I was wearing capri's and a baby doll shirt, leather sandals and a cute long necklace and Guess handbag.
  2. SIGH...Im 37.....and I think I dress pretty trendy too.Who cares!!!As long as u look and feel great!Thats all that matters.I still get proofed in bars..I look pretty young for my age(U can see my pic in the "THE JILLS"thread in GEN DISC threads!)...so if i can pull off a younger outfit.I totally would!!
    I think that SA just said that to push yer buttons.....so i wouldnt worry!!!!!
    I am LOVING my thirties..way more than my teen years!So have fun...wear what u love!
  3. This reminds me of a story that happened to me:
    My DH has 2 children. We live in a high rise condo building and one day, the youngest daughter left her camera at her mom's house, but she wanted it so she asked her mom if she could drop it off at her dad's place.
    SO, the mom walked into our building and went up to the girl at the front desk and said, "I need to drop off this camera for my daughter, can you please send it up to apartment 2108?"
    And then the front desk girl said, "OH, you're Alli's mom?"
    The Ex told me this story herself, I think she was so in shock and just couldn't believe it just happened. I actually felt pretty bad for her, I'm sure that couldn't have felt good. needless to say, my DH thought it was hilarious.
  4. Oh man, I hear ya on this one. I'm 40 so I could very well be the Mom of quite a few tPF'ers here, LOL...

    But I don't feel 40 at all. And, honestly I don't think I look it either but you can check out my avatar and profile pics and decide for yourself. You bet I get carded still and I love that.

    I do have challenges finding clothes I like that are edgy enough for my taste but also cut a little more, um, womanly cuz I have curves. I just can't do bare midriffs or super low rise cropped stuff anymore. I've always vowed I would NEVER be frumpy even into my 90s, LOL.
  5. I'm with you sista!! I'm 37 and still feel like I'm 20. I buy trendy (but tasteful) stuff and try to put some effort into it to keep up with the kids. No frump here!!!
  6. This cracks me up!!!!!
  7. I am 44 and have been told that I still look like I am in my (late) 20s. I don't do really trendy clothes because I don't care that much about being up-to-the-minute, but I am not ready for J. Jill quite yet! Personally I love being in my 40s! Let's face it, we are all getting older so why not accept it and be happy with yourself?

    "You are only young once but you can be immature forever."
  8. My birth certificate tells me I am currently 36, mentally I still feel in my very early 20's. My body after a beasting at circuits tells me I'm 54!

    One of my members of staff is 19, her mother is a grandmother and 18 months younger than me!

    Currently I am seeing birthdates of young people coming through my office which was the year I joined the military - So yes I know exactly how you feel.

    In my mind I feel no different today to the day I joined up (17 years ago) - I havn't gotton older the world around me has regressed :nuts:
  9. I love the stories. Thanks to those who understand.
  10. Oh man, that sucks. I'm dreading the day it happens to me. :sad:
  11. My friend and her husband moved to a retirement community--they were in their 30's.... Well the people that lived there kept thinking that she was living with her son. She got asked so many times. It really upset her. I think the main thing was she dressed so conservative and wore her hair and makeup a certain way that for old people they just assumed. If she ran around in a mini skirt I doubt they would have asked. My hubby has been asked if our kids were his grandkids (they could be......because we had children late in life) but he gets a big kick out of it and our kids laugh so much.
  12. I hear you. I remember talking to my great grandmother about this, years ago before she passed. She was about 85 at the time (she lived to be 101!!) Anyway, she said, it was strange living to be so old...and have seen so much and lived through so much, she KNEW she was 85...but in her heart and in her sprirt she felt the same as she did when she was in her late teens and early 20s. She said, while she knew she had changed, she didn't feel changed. At the time was about 21, so I knew what she meant, but didn't quite GET IT, But I sure do now!
  13. i was out with friends once and some lady asked if one of them was my daughter =/ i'm only 24 and most people say i look young for my age!

    after working for a certain company straight out of college i have a TOTALLY different perspective on people who are in their 30's. i thought all these people were like in their mid to late 20's and they were actually either turning 30 or in their mid 30's!
  14. Oh, honey!!! When I was I guess about 22-23 a dumb receptionist at the salon we went to asked me if my boyfriend (now hubby) was my son!!! :bagslap: When she saw the look on my face :mad: she then added "he looks like a priest, that's why I ask"!!!! He was wearing a black mandarin neck dress shirt. We were shocke to say the least. Then, get this, the day after my mom went to the salon and the stupid girl tells my mother that I was so angry and that she didn't mean anything. My mother told her well of course she was. You asked her if her boyfriend was her soon as she's you age.:lecture: She was just asking 'cause she liked my hubby...stupid b....

    I'm 32 and look incredibly young too. I love when I still get carded!!!
  15. Don't fret...my son is almost your age! I'm 56, but I'm always pleased when people are surprised at that (I'm a grandmother too!). My parents both looked much younger than their ages, so heredity has a lot to do with it.

    On the other hand...I'm sorry to tell you that 34 IS a grownup - no ifs ands or buts! Being a grownup is fabulous! :tup: