30cm Ostrich Birkin: Preferred colour?

  1. Have recently been offered a 30cm Rouge Vif Birkin with palladium h/w. Had to pass on it as it would have been the 4th H-bag this year.:crybaby: The others being a Fuschia Chevre Kelly, Fuschia Ostrich Kelly and Chartreuse JPG. If it had gold h/w, it would have been more challenging to pass on.

    As early as 2 months ago, I would have only wanted the ostrich Birkin in brighter and more conspicuous colours like Fuschia, Rouge Vif and Vert Anis. My preference seem to have changed after the most recent European trip. In Europe, the more popular colours seem to be the neutral shades (both for regular leathers and exotic skins) like black, grey, brown and beige shades with red being the most popular shade of bright colour. This seem more apparent in Paris.

    Having seen the several Gold/Cognac Ostrich Birkins on the arms of their sophisticated/classy owners, I am currently very convinced that I need a 30cm Gold Ostrich Birkin with Gold h/w. Since a Gold Birkin with Gold h/w and an Ostrich Birkin are 2 H-bags on my dream list, I thought I'll kill two birds with one stone!;) :graucho:

    What do you fab H-lovers think? Would appreciate any feedback on the Ostrich Birkins you own and their colour versatility. :flowers:
  2. Hmmm I'd go for blue or fushcia or rouge vif !!!
  3. Gold, hands down! IMO it's the BEST colour for ostrich.
  4. the only leather that I actually love in ostrich is fuschia

    It's really adorable!
  5. I like my ostrich slightly darker than gold and might be inclined to go for a cognac. But I also like the brights (owner of a fuschia ostrich 35).
  6. I prefer brighter colors in ostrich: Royal blue, orange and fuchsia.

  7. I agree -- I am sure it's just me (and please don't flame me!) but I have recently come to the conclusion that ostrich in the more neutral colors look kind of scary to me...
  8. I have ostrich Birkins in both fushia and and orange! I always get nice comments from other people whenever I carry it. I also feel 'Happy and bright' when I wear them.

    I much prefer in bright colors than neutral for ostrich Birkins.
  9. I am such a neutral gal...I fell in love with a chocolate ostrich drag years ago...
  10. i'd like the ostrich in fuschia, blue roi, cobalt blue and gold. oh, and orange too, is sooo pretty!
  11. How about Blue Roi? Ostrich in the lighter colors will darken at the handles (which some don't care about...) have you seen Shoe319's and LaVan's Blue Roi osteich goodies - TDF! I like this color because it goes with browns and black, fab with jeans, and it's colorful while still being a neutral.
  12. Well......I won't even repeat my comment made months ago about what Gold Ostrich looks like to me HOWEVER I love ostrich in Cognac or (as the Boyz call theirs on line right now) Nicotine! Nice.....but I'm a neutral color girl with the brightest bag in my collection being the Caramel Kelly right now so....I'm in the Neutral Color Corner.

    Otherwise, I'd go with Blue Roi in a heartbeat for the exact same reasons GT states!!!!!
  13. I'd still go for the Brighter colours.

    I agree that the Parisians prefer their Birkins in neutral and more muted colours but then they are also seen in Black (clothes as well) 90% of the time! The only Birkins I've ever seen in the FSH H-Store are all Black ones...:sad:

    If I'm going for an exotic leather, I'd wouldn't want it to be a wallflower...It has to be something SHARP! :lol:

    My vote goes to Fuschia and Vert Anis, then Bleu Roi. :flowers:
  14. What about Cobalt Blue Ostrich? It's not as bright but is a gorgeous shade of color. It's also not a color that every other person is carrying. Cobalt Blue ostrich reminds me of Turquoise.
  15. Oooo ... they should send the blacks over to Singapore. They are in such high demand here. Katyc would be so elated to receive one!