30cm Black Birkin SH: US pricing before price hike vs. France priceing after hike

  1. From what I gather, if I'm lucky to find the bag, 30cm Black Birkin to Togo should cost around $6900 + tax in the US. May I ask how much will it cost in France after tax refund.

    I won't get to go to France until Sep and I'm wondering about getting the bag before speculating price hike in the US on Feb 1 (again, if I can find one) or wait until Sep when there might also be a price increase in France but I'll get tax refund.

    I don't think I can afford more then one H bag at this time and I'm actually kind of want this to be my only H bag that I will treasure forever. That's why I think shopping for H bag in France should be a great memorable experience for me. Should I wait or should I grab the opportunity if it comes?

    I know that Feb is around the corner and I don't think I have a high hope on getting one before but that's what I have been dreaming in the past few weeks!!! :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    Your thoughts are appreciated. :love:
  2. My personal opinion is that if I happen to see the bag I want in the US before an upcoming trip, I would just grab the bag and start enjoying it! Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the bag will be available in Paris when I am there nor will I know what will happen to the Fx rates.
  3. Also, TammyD reported price hikes already in Paris
  4. I think black togo is an excellent choice. These bags are so special that even if you do only get one in your life, it's definitely more than satisfying. I agree that you shouldn't wait if you see it on the shelf at any time. Black Birkins sell so fast that buying one may truly be the opportunity of a lifetime.
  5. I ditto everything princess and allaboutbags said. If you see the black togo birkin, grab it, there is no gurantee that you will find it in France.
  6. And was it gina_b who reported that Togo won't be offered this new season, only clemence?? (sorry, I can't remember who reported this piece of information)
  7. I agree.....if you see one before you go to Paris, grab it!!!! You will treasure it forever regardless of whether you get it here or there......these bags are so hard to come by!!!
  8. Have any of the Ladies that visit the FSH store know yet what the new prices are?
    Before the price change a birkin togo was in Euro 4500.
    The exchange rate is not great for a dollar now...somewhere arround $1.29 per Euro. but you get 10% Vat back in 6-10 weeks. (but there will be import duty of about 4% on leather, when you get back).
  9. Thank you for all your responses and advice.

    Wow, this price difference is quite big! Euro 4500 = $5850. After tax = $5265. I think the price here is $7470 (6900 + 8.25% tax). Really? The difference can be over $2000??!!!

    I think I need to move to France!!!

    I know this bag is hard to come by. I guess I should get my fund ready and get ready to pay when the opportunity arrives.... :nuts:
  10. Not only has the price hike taken place, togo is seansonal and may not be offered in September, from what I know. This time it was raining swifts. If you see it in the US, you should grab it.
  11. Just don't forget the 4500Euro, is before the price went up, I am not sure what it is in Paris now, so the difference in savings is smaller.