30cm Birkin In Rose Dragee Swift

  1. Hi all !

    My H reseller just called me to inform he just got in a 30cm Swift birkin in Rose Dragee, K stamp.

    I'm wondering if I should get it although I'm looking for a 35 Togo in Etoupe or Noisette with PH. I don't wanna be impulsive but it's hard to come across a birkin available locally & don't wanna buy it for the sake of it being available NOW.

    I'm wondering, is swift birkin difficult to maintain since the smooth leather tends to get scratches easily ??

    Your helpful advise appreciated !!
  2. i think the scratches do disappear/blend in for swift. good luck. rose dragee is scrumptious!
  3. it's a lovely feminine color but you have to ask yourself will you be comfortable with a light colored bag for daily usage (presumably)?
  4. ^^ agree. I personally would love, love, love a rose dragee bag but cannot imagine how upset I'll be with any dirt or scuffs...
  5. Rose Dragee in a 30 is utterly gorgeous and feminine and I would say YES....if you accept it won't be an everyday bag (more because of the look rather than the leather).
  6. it's a gorgeous bag. i have one in 35cm.
    it's not for everyday but it's tdf
  7. This the bag I just ordered PO. It is a dream Get it!!!!
  8. I say wait for your etoupe Birkin. What if one is available after u get the rose. Unless u can afford both. Then its a different story.
  9. HermesRose - this seems to be neither the leather, color or size you want so :nogood:
  10. hr, I'd say go for the rose dragee, it's
    a beautiful color. :smile:
  11. I consider etoupe and noisette to be very neutral and versatile year-round colours - workhorse/daily bag colours. RD is very light, and while feminine, it wouldn't work in my wardrobe as a versatile neutral at all. It would probably be an occasional, special bag (I honestly would not get a lot of use out of it, but that's my wardrobe). I would say it depends on what you are looking for - if you are trying to fill a "neutral hole" in your collection, I would take a pass. If RD has, however, been on your radar as something to get your hands on down the road, and the $ is not an issue, go for it.
  12. I'd first get the Noisette or Etoupe you've been really wanting and then the Rose Dragee (or some similar light-colored bag) since this would not be used for daily wear. Unless you can afford to have both and you really, really love Rose Dragee in Swift.......
  13. i agree:yes:
  14. I think Swift leather is hardier than it's getting credit for. But I agree with other posters - RD is a VERY different colour from those on your wish list, and only you can decide if it will work with your clothes or your life. (Personally, I am on the subway a lot and would worry a lot about scuffing such a light coloured bag). If you think you will still long for your original two colour choices, pass on this one and have patience - your bag will come along!