1. Has anyone seen this yet? My SO saw it and he said that while the plot wasn't all that, the visual was absolutely stunning.
  2. i just bought early tickets for my ex and i (we're still friendly) to see it tomorrow night. he's very excited!
  3. Koukanamiya I heard the same from a friend of mine who went to a screening. My bf really, really wants to see it so we'll probably see it in the theaters.
  4. So can't wait to go see this...Gerard Butler (Phantom of the Opera) is HOT!
  5. from the trailer it looks so visually stunning. i don't have time to go to the movies lately, so i guess i'll have to wait til it comes out on dvd
  6. my husband is so excited - we will be seeing it tonight at the IMAX
  7. I just came back from the theater and I was drooling:drool::graucho::drool: during the entire movie.


  8. The guy that says "This is [Sparta?]" is SOOOO HOTT!!!!!!

    I hope to see it sometime next week.
  9. I just saw this movie and I have to say that I am severely disappointed. It took 60 days to film it and 1 year to edit it. It is visually stunning, but no plot or truth to it whatsoever; I wouldn't be so disappointed if the movie wasn't promoted to be about the Battle of Thermopylae and used the real names of the people involved. The way that the Persian empire is portrayed as was unbelievably false and disgusting. I'm a big history buff and the Persian empire was one of the greatest and forward thinking in the history of mankind. Not the crazy transvestite drag queens they are portrayed as. It makes me sad that a movie like this can be produced and released in 2007. I know it's just a movie and it's not that serious, but in the times of war especially when relations between the US and the Middle East are not so great anyways. My bf thinks I'm crazy for not enjoying this movie.
  10. i watched the trailer and was thrilled!!!!

    i can't wait to see it! i don't expect a great story, i was drooling over the visual effect.
  11. You won't be disappointed!!!! I too focused on the special effect, creativities, and the music. It wasn't a historical movie, but it did involve some history background. To me it's more like a legendary kind of movie with contemporary concepts. I love it and I admire the editing skills. I studied Visual Communication and I knew how challenge it was to produce that splendid visual effect in the 300. :love: I was crying a bit at the end of movie though.:shame: In fact, me and my bf were thinking to see it again in the theater. :rolleyes:
  12. BF and I saw it last night and we thought it was excellent.
  13. Vlad and I are going to see it at the IMAX this week, he is REALLY excited... I hope it doesn't dissapoint like some have said
  14. I just saw it today and I LOVED it! Oh, those ABS!!!! :drool: I enjoyed the story even though the plot didn't stay to true history. The visuals though, are STUNNING!!!! :nuts:

    Anybody planning to watch should go early. The theatre got packed tight pretty quick!
  15. no, our persian community in orange county is boycotting this movie, it holds no truth to the actual events which took place.
    sorry, come again