$300 Twilly?

  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320142447035&sspagename=ADME:L:RTQ:US:1

    So I was looking at twillys because I really like them for summer, and I came across this one...yes, I know it's cute, yes I know people love Bolduc, and yes I know it's "not sold in stores!!".

    My real question here would be, is anyone really willing to pay basically the full carre price (once you figure in shipping) for a twilly, even a rare one?? I'm kind of shocked at that.

    I have this one, actually...it came with my Eau de Mervailles gift set. Haven't ever worn it, but maybe I should...or sell it. LOL
  2. I wouldn't pay $300 for it , I have one in blue though...
    I am shocked but I guess something is worth , whatever someone will pay for it
  3. I love your vintage kelly. Major :drool: session over her.

    I would never paid $300 for a twilly. I'd rather save the money and get a cute karo or some other h goods. Having said that, I have never been a scarfie.
  4. Aw, you are so nice.

    I'm sitting here thinking of going to put on my orange and white twilly, now that I know it's a Very Fancy Twilly. LOL!
  5. It's a deal. You wear your fancy orange/white twilly and I'll have Ms Dalvy models her pink one for you.
    Minnie- where's your blue twilly? Is she hiding from us?
  6. If I am in the market for a discontinued twilly that I am 100% crazy about, I would be willing to pay that kind of price. BUT, I will not buy from eBayer without a strong track record dealing with Hermes stuff. objets_intemporels is reputable and dare command that sort of price. I won't part my money with unknown sellers.
  7. Yeah, you're right, I wouldn't buy *anything* from anyone in the several countries where fakes are known to be rampant. Then again for three hundred bucks I don't think someone has to sell Hermes all day every day either, LOL.
  8. My twilly is attached to the hip to my Evelyne , I use it to make my strap shorter!
  9. That's a very cute idea, Minnie!
  10. I cant say I would pay that for a twilly.....and I am pretty hooked on silk, LOL!
  11. hi, kinda related to this thread ladies, but ive seen a bolduc twilly starting price $199 on eBay, does that seem reasonable for a brand new one? not sure if i should post the actual item as the person selling is on the authentic sellers list and i don't want to offend them by posting something about them here... help for a newbie please
  12. I personally think it's really high. I saw one asking either $179 or $199 and I made a reasonable offer (still over retail) which was immediately declined. Later on, I saw that the seller had received six offers for the item, all declined. :shrugs:
    Funny thing is, this same twilly is for sale right now at Hermes boutiques and on Hermes.com. I have no idea what justification *that* has, since it's definitely not "rare" like the orange & white one could be considered.

    I guess some sellers count on the fact that some people can't get to a boutique and/or Hermes.com isn't available to their country.

    I just realized that it might have been the same seller.
  13. It states that its rare, but who am I to know and yes, hermes.com is not available to me and too gutless to go into a boutique so eBay or a reseller is the best bet for me. still all new to this, maybe i need to sit on the hermes shore before I take the plunge into the big, blue hermes ocean.....
  14. ^^I love the way you put that!!

    I think you should feel free to go into the store. You can always start out at the fragrance counter...Or simply ask to see some twillys. My DD (15) went into BH with her teeny wad of cash and they were very helpful to her, she got me a twilly and then they showed her all around, including scarves, saddles, and the fabby elevator. They knew she was tepped out after the twilly, but she is so interested in the things in the boutique that they cannot help but be kind, to her, or anyone who shows a real interest in the brand!

    Most of the time this is true
    .....any SA can have a bad day, but by and large, it doesnt matter what you buy, if anything. The just dont want to hear, HI CAN I GET A BIRKIN???? since they hear it all day long!

    good luck!