£300 to spend on a birthday gift- ideas please!

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  1. I'm looking to buy my mum something special for her 70th birthday. She has a black E/W Bayswater with GHW (new) and an emerald dome rivet continental purse (preloved).

    What would you recommend getting her for £300? I'm considering an Oak agenda but need more ideas!

    *I've posted this in the LV forum too because I'm debating between the two designers*
  2. Tough one!

    Different size purse... scarf... pouch/ make-up bag/ pochette - maybe a combination?? But if she'd use an agenda, that sounds like a good choice

    Good luck!
  3. when is your mums birthday? think the sale in the UK is due to start in about a week so could you hold off buying, get more bang for your buck? :smile:
  4. You could always take a look on npnbags.co.uk - I 'think' there's a sale starting there soon.
    But I'd go for a different sized purse, make up bag, scarf, key ring, etc.
  5. Does your mum like scarves? The monogram scarves are amazing...
  6. I think you should wait for the Sale, next week and get her a bayswater clutch wallet.
    It's multipurpose, the chain is removable so she could use it inside her E/W Bayswater as a wallet or as a beautiful evening bag.
  7. Would agree to wait for the sale but I'd agree with a scarf as the monogram star print is lovely. Good luck
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