$300 spent and now an exchange! **HELP**

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Which bag for fall?

  1. Spend the extra, get COACH!!! (Hamptons Studded)

  2. Olive + TANO is the WINNER!!!

  3. Vince Studded and no $$$ out of pocket!!!

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  1. A few months back Nordstroms had a HUGE sale on some great handbags. I don't have a Nordstroms but picked up a B. Makowsky bag in bronze that I fell in love with online. It was $299 so I have $300 bucks when I exchange/return. I'm reading some REALLY mixed reviews on the wear of the bronze so it's either getting exchanged on going back even though I LOVE the LOOK! I'll hate myself for keeping it if the bronze starts to wear off in a month!!!!

    Here are my possible picks!!!

    #1~TANO Convertible X-body leather hobo in olive/brass HW
    16 X 13 X 5in. $248.00 so nothing out of pocket!!!
    ^^^ I've also been DYING for an olive leather bag for fall.

    #2~COACH Hamptons Studded leather flap in bronze/brass HW
    14.5 X 12 X 3in. $498 so I'd be shelling out an extra $200+ bucks!!!

    #3~Vince Camuto 'Hailey' Studded drawstring shopper in charcoal/blk HW
    18 X 11.5 X 10in. $248.00 again nothing out of my pocket!!!
    ^^^ I'm also really wanting a studded bag so I totally can't decide!!!

    My current collection is mostlt black bags, some teal, pink, purple and apple green. Any of these bags would fill a great color VOID in my collection.
    I also have a B-day coming UP in a couple months so I could always look to snag another bag then.

    Here are the picks in the order they're described in above!!!
    Sure HOPE the pic's post!!!

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  2. I would suggest getting the Coach bag first but I also love the Tano bag as well. Its an interesting color.
  3. I pick #2 or #3

    The zipper tassels would drive me crazy on choice #1 (just my opinion)
  4. Can you still return it after a 'couple of months'?

    ETA nm, Nordstrom not Nordstrom rack
  5. Love the Tano.
  6. I like the Vince Camuto bag - the black studs are striking against the charcoal leather..and the studs look so good on the handle.

    Second choice would be the bronze Hamilton studded flap.
  7. The Coach studded bag is gorgeous, but it's metallic also, so if you are trying to get away from metallic...
  8. It is not so much that I love the Coach bag... Which I do but more like I really do not like the other bags.. they look to rough...
  9. I have 365 days to exchange/return at Nordstroms. The reviews did just start coming in maybe 1 month ago so I'm greatfull that I had yet to clip my tags since I was saving this bag for fall.


  10. ita!
  11. Has Nordstrom changed their return policy? It used to be that there was no return deadline.

    I love the Hamptons Flap. I have one, but not the studded bronze - it's beautiful! My second choice would be the Vince Camuto. I don't like the Tano one at all.
  12. my Nordstrom will let you use the Coach PCE or the macys VIP.
  13. Olive Tano!!!!
  14. WOW! Even in the Coach sub-forum the TANO in olive ALMOST won so far!!!

    I think I'm going to order it yet tonight. I think the olive will go with everything I'll be wearing this fall/winter!!!

    PS~ I haven't seen it IRL but in the fall look book the green looks MUCH less bright!
  15. #1 in olive...the COACH bag is metallic as well...so there could be wear issues there so it wouldn't make sense to exchange one metallic for another.

    Good luck!