$300 mark-up???

  1. that is ridiculous!
  2. ^i agree!
  3. Too much. I'd rather get a wallet.
  4. you could get a speedy 30 with that price!
  5. damn, to much money!
  6. I'm so tired of all the ridiculous markups on e-bay,I mean there is still a Sophie on eBay for 999.00!
  7. yes it's way more than retail. I saw plenty of them at the store. Maybe the seller target the international clientele with no LV stores in their country.
  8. i SAW that. i went crazy when i looked at the price. i hope people still know there are some left...
  9. That's just wrong!!!
  10. Yeah I don't so much mind $350 but I would NEVER pay double that for ONE. I just about got BOTH of my coin purses for that price :rolleyes: