$300 jeans? Get real!

  1. I am a true jeans addict. I can't seem to get enough of them, but even I know when to draw the line. It seems that all (or certainly most) of the new True Religion jeans (my absolute favorites) are selling for more than $300!

    Who's buying these? I am letting my pocket book speak, so you won't be catching me buying a pair at that price. No way!

    And the funny thing is that I read that the market is already flooded with $200 jeans...so much so that the designers can't even sell all of what they are making. That is why you can find them at Ross and Costco these days.

    Anyone else share my thoughts?
  2. I hear you loud and clear, Shoeangel! I was shocked to find R&Rs for sale at one of Canadian high end department stores for $425.00 + tax!:shocked: I would NEVER in my life pay this kind of money for a pair of jeans! EVER!!! I cringed when I paid US$197.00 for a pair of Victoria Beckham's pair of Madrid Crown jeans (and that was a SALE price!:wacko:).

    I live in jeans and one of my favorite places to shop for fab denim is Winners (Canadian version of Marshalls/TJ Maxx). Sale rack is the first place I check. I've scored some amazing deals there!!!:wlae:

    Plus, when it comes to jeans, it all comes down to fit anyways - the most expensive pair may not fit your body as well as a pair of GAP denim pants would (BTW, GAP's denim is FABULOUS, esp. for the price!:tup:).
  3. I feel you on the TR. They are my fav jeans, but their prices are getting ridiculous. Luckily I have a few pair to last me a while, because unless I got a killer sale, I won't be buying any anytime soon.
  4. I live in R&R, 7FAM, and Citizens of humanity jeans! I don't love the prices, but finding a pair of perfect fitting jeans is worth paying the money in my opinion. The jeans are good quality so they will last for a long time.
  5. *shrugs* to some people, bags are a more ridiculous purchase. upwards of $1K or TENS of thousands for something that holds the same as a paper bag? it seems ridiculous but honestly, to those who aren't into high-end purses (or even mid-end brands like Coach and Dooney) so are the prices for those. there are high and lows for everything and anything. sheesh....even water and air! i don't even blink anymore when i see them....where there's a price, there's a buyer.
  6. Thank goodness the only jeans that fit me well are old navy or gap!
  7. I'll just wait til they go on sale...:supacool:

  8. Lol, me too! I've never paid full price for a pair of jeans! :p
  9. I know what you mean H_addict.... try to avoid buying jeans in Canada forever lol. Everything's ridiculously overpriced compared to the US. but I buckled down and bought crystal R&Rs for $350 or so with tax, I haven't those yet
    Basically, all the 'cheaper' designer jeans are easily $200 and more
    More expensive ones such as R&Rs and TRs , and soon Paiges (nabbed a few before price started increasing, heard they were getting more popular ) are like $250-300. Add crystals or some sort of sparkly thing, and its $100-200 more!
    All canadian prices. it better get cheaper with the stronger dollar. I don't stress this enough! I am trying to wait a little and stop myself from buying for crazy prices
  10. Oh boy, I absolutely agree about how ridiculous prices have become; I definitely have a budget when it comes to jeans no matter how much I like them.

    I remember when Sevens first became the premium jean rage and they were nearly impossible to find even at $200+ a pair! I was struck silly, thinking that I couldn't possibly pay so much for denim.

    Fast forward today and I just found myself easily spending $150 on a pair of Rock and Republic Crystal Roths because it can be considered a favorable deal. I try to never pay full retail price (especially in Canada) because it's certainly a rip off.

    Which reminds me, just this weekend, I chatted with an SA working at this store (non jeans) and he spent $500 Canadian on a pair of True Religions for men. I thought he was just pulling my leg and joking around, but an hour later I walked into this store and found the exact pair he was wearing at $499 or something. He could have gotten it so much less if he had went online and purchased it through the US sites.

    There's such great deals in the states, even Uggs are about $100 cheaper!
  11. ^ ITA!:yes:

    I wouldn't pay $300 for a pair of jeans, I would find them on sale:p I've only paid full retail for one pair and they were $180, but I'm sure that would seem ridiculous to MOST people. If you added it all up, my jeans collection is probably close in value to my purse collection. Some people like bags, some like shoes, some like jeans... to each his (or her) own, KWIM? :shrugs:
  12. Designer denim has fabulous prices online, for instance, on websites like Adasa.

    The problem with that is that I have to try on jeans IRL so it's a pain. It's weird because I can easily spend thousands on bags but for denim I have a hard time spending $300 lol.
  13. I like the jeans at Newport News, which start at about $17.00. I'm 5'10" so I love their tall selections. I think if you are pulled together, you can look fabulous at any price.
  14. if e jeans makes me feel and look so good tt no other pair of jeans can do e wrk and if i can afford it, i'll really just get it!
    nevermind the pricetag!
    its people like me that they raise e prices for.....
    i needa get a life n wake up oredi :shame:
    bt its hard.
  15. I buy them on sale. Just like I've bought almost every bag I own on sale (except the one Balenciaga I've got). I don't think I paid retail for any of my R&Rs and I have 5 pairs of those alone. The only problem with buying on sale, of course, is that they tend to sell out of the smaller sizzes before the sale starts.