300$ gift card

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  1. i just got a 300$ gift card from my boyfriend to COACH.

    any suggestions on what bag i should get? [​IMG]

    cant wait until i go shopping for it!
    but im kinda afraid that if i get something and something new comes out for next season, i wont like the bag i have so anyone have a coach bag that they KNOW they will love forever? :heart:
  2. Oh! Put it toward one of the new ones! Maybe a Zoe or that new laced ergo satchel in putty (I think that one is so pretty).
  3. I agree get a Zoe i love them.
  4. I'd get a Zoe or get a Leather Sabrina (when that comes out)
  5. ZOE ZOE ZOE! It's SOOOO cute and timeless.
  6. They are gorgeous! There is only one condition in you using that 300 bucks...PoStInG pIcS!!!! LOL

    Have fun girlie!!!!!
  7. It totally depends on your personal style. I"m not a fan of the Zoe, but they look really nice on other people. The Sabrina is really nice as is the Peyton. I think the Lindsy is awesome and also love the bleeker woven pocket hobo and the new Heritage stripe satchel. If you have a PCE use your certificate this week so you'll get more bang for your buck.
  8. I would get a Leather bag that has a timeless look about it. That Bleecker Woven hobo is really catching my eye.

    And PCE will help your money go further.
  9. If you want something timeless you should probably go with leather :yes: