$300 Bambinone?

  1. THATS insane

    do you guys think its unreasonable to pay 40 dollars above retail for a purse that is hard to come by and used?
  2. Madness! How on earth did the seller came up with their pricing anyway? Even the coveted Tan Playground Luna was sold at a similar price. That, I can understand. More print, more room, more fabric. But a bambione? In that case, let's list my original Ciao for $500! Hahahaha ...
  3. O__O if you're talking about the one I think you are..isn't that even a stock photo? ehhh I'm a little scared of stock photos hahaaha.
  4. there'll always be a buyer out there who'd be willing to buy it. i'm actually considering paying $240 for the original BV! {sigh} desperate times call for desperate measures. :shrugs:
  5. An original print angioletto for $195.00 and an original print denaro for $165.00? I wouldn't mind either of those, but not for those prices!:wtf:
  6. I'd pay that much for the right Foresta Zucca.....
  7. me too *sigh*