30 vs. 35cm

  1. Okay, so I will be on the prowl for a Rouge H in togo. What about sizes? Does anyone have any sage advice on the 30 vs. 35? Pros and cons. I was always thinking I wanted a 35 but does that make it too much of a schlepper bag? All are beautiful and the smaller ones seem more elegant in some ways but perhaps too small. If I can have only one initially, which makes the most sense?

    Opinions please!
  2. This is a great reference as to size for you courtesy of Flossy Figaro!!!
  3. One thing I hear time and again is that the 35 is substantially heavier than the 30, and the weight will also depend on the leather- (chevre and box are much lighter than togo, clemence and fjord). But both are equally gorgeous!

    How tall are you? Are you comfortable carrying a heavier bag hand-held, not shoulder?
  4. Wow, that was great, a picture is worth a thousand words, I think the 30 will be too small for me, I will be prowling for a 35cm rouge H in togo.

  5. Anytime! Also, I should have mentioned, we have tons of threads on this topic. Do a search and take stroll through our Members Hermes Items for more pics. And don't forget our Hermes in Action thread so you can see how they look IRL!
  6. jag, many thanks--wonderful ref. photos--
    35 for me is much more useful. Birkins are totes; I need to use it as such...
    It is a heavy bag, in all leathers...
  7. I am 5' 6" inches tall, but most people that know me think I am taller, medium frame. A 35cm is not going to overwhelm me.

    Thanks for the opinion, at this point I am thinking one birkin, down the road who knows but my mind set is buy THE one I really, really want and the rest is gravy.
  8. Wow Jag, those are some great pics. beautiful colllection
  9. I only wish I could say that was my collection. :crybaby:That incredible collection is Flossy Figaro's who was nice enough to let me plaster it all over the place here. IT is by far one of the best comparison pics I think we have here, so I hope it helps everyone!
  10. Jag, Wonderful ref. photos!!! Thanks! ;)
  11. Great reference pics. Thank you for sharing with us!!
  12. Great pictures. THANK YOU!

    I prefer my 35 but I just tend to fill it up more. I can get by easily with the 30 and is suprisingly fits quite a bit.

    Also the leathers make a difference on the weight.
  13. adore my 30. yesterday it was almost fully loaded... just to give you a visual... i was carrying about 10 letters, a diaper, a rented DVD, toy for the little one, and a paperback book, PLUS my essentials (wallet, cell, medium makeup bag, hand lotion). and it carried so well. i love my bag. i like the 30 too b/c i can reach in quickly and get what i need. one day i'd like to have a 35 when i get busy with work and meetings, but my 30, i'm in heaven!!
  14. wow, those pics are so informative.... makes me think of my next birkin.. definitely a 32 cm HAC or a 35 cm birkin......