30 vs 35cm Croc Birkin

  1. Recently I had the opportunity to try 30 and 35cm croc Birkins. I had always thought I'll go for a 30cm, as I'm generally a 30cm gal, but the 35cm was surprisingly attractive.

    The 30cm was more proper and ladylike while the 35cm appeared trendier and younger due to the "bigness". My intention would be for a croc Birkin which is elegant yet hip and younger.

    Of course the colour would have something to do with it. I suspect the 35cm looked good on me because of the dark colour. It was black with fuschia strap. The 30cm was also in a darker colour, navy blue with blue jean piping.

    Perhaps 30cm would look good in brighter colours while the 35cm in darker colours.

    What are your experiences with 30 and 35cm croc Birkins? :smile:
  2. I like 30cm for exotic leathers.

    Black with fuschia strap??!!!!! :nuts::nuts: Like this??


    I wish we have pictures of that navy blue with blue jean piping!
  3. Are they both glazed? Heard that 30cm is harder to come by.
  4. ^^ you are absolutely right, queenie. I was told that the 30cm croc birkins are in higher demand.
  5. I WISH I had an experience with a croc Birkin! I did see one on a customer @ Hermes boutique in Toronto but didn't want to stare too much (all I know is that it was gloossy and brown! :nuts::shame:smile:. I would assume that it's like with any bag - the size will have to depend on a color. For me, if I ever was to get one I would want to use it as often as I can so I would probably go for a 35cm in a darker shade (brown, black, etc./matte). However, if money was no object, I'd get the glossy/red one (or some other in your face color) in a 30 or even a 25 for dressier outings as well.:yes:
  6. I Love Croc Amd Would Kill For Anything I Could Get!
  7. Queenie...The 35cm bicolor croc was slightly different from the one in the pic. Only the strap was in fuschia croc. The handle and piping were in black croc. And it was Porosus.:girlsigh:

    Yes, I should have taken pics but I doubt I would have been allowed to. Sorry:blush:

    Yes, they are both glazed.

    Saw a 30cm black matte croc as well. Was advised that matte scratches easily. So....

    For the croc, I think I would have to see it IRL to get one. Now I'm reluctant to SO a colour and size which I've not seen as I was surprised the 35cm black/fuschia looked better on me. Hmmm...I may consider getting from a reseller since they would have more to view IRL at any one time...:graucho::p;)
  8. Wondering why 30 croc would he in higher demand, because in general I think the 35 is in higher demand.

    Any thoughts?
  9. ^^I imagine the 30 is a bit more versatile -- can be used at dressier events as well as daytime?
  10. Yeah. I was told that 35cm croc is harder to come by.

    Either way, whether it is 30cm or 35cm, croc Birkins are just simply hard to come by! :p:yes:
  11. Baghag - you have finally voiced what my SA and manager have all impressed upon me numerous times: the 35 Birkin is not only the most requested and popular size in Croc, but it's that way for a reason.

    The 30 looks dainty and proper, but the 35 looks younger and more modern. My intention was also for a Croc that looks elegant and classic, but still hip and fun and the 35 has that look down perfectly.

    I also think you're right about color - for Fuschia or Orange shiny Croc a 30 might be fine, since the color would serve the same purpose to lighten things up, but for the darker neutrals, the 35 looks much less stuffy.

    My personal preference would be to use a clutch or Kelly for dressier events, so I didn't want a Croc Birkin for this purpose. If your goal is for a casual and elegant but still young look, you'd be better served with the 35.
  12. I would go for 30 cm! I believe its more classic and modern enough as well...
    I might even go for 25 but thats just me...
    Good luck
  13. style101...thanks for your advise and info. We are on the same platform. Currently I would prefer a 35cm bicolor black/fuschia croc. Earlier it was a 30cm rouge vif croc. The latter can come a few years later when I am more ready to be a "mature" sensible lady.:p:lol: Echoing your personal preference for dressier events, a Kelly would be more apt. What more a croc Kelly clutch.:yes:

    Perhaps when one nails down the objective of a bag i.e. me nailing down my objective for a croc Birkin, the bag specifications would fall into place naturally. Currently, I would like a croc bag which I would be getting more use of during the day and when travelling. A darker colour with a hint of brightness would be apt for my personal style. I love black outfits. Sometimes my outfits can get a bit too serious with the pencil skirts and slim-fitting tops, hence hipper accessories are required to balance the potential dowdiness. Hence bicolour black/fuschia 35cm seems perfect...for now...:lol:
  14. Minnie...thanks for your advise. A 30cm is indeed classic. I found the 25cm to be too cute on me but nonetheless its a great great size which I would consider in future...;):p