30 vs 35

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  1. I have always being a 30's lover. All my birkins are 30, but recently I have so many things to carry, that I might need to buy a 35.

    I have always filled my 30s with laptop, books etc. I see it's not enough anymore. I've been looking for a victoria, for a 40 plume.... but than I thought I could just get a 35 for the hard everyday use.

    What kind of leather and color should I get:confused1:
  2. Costa, What is your job about ?

    Law ? BOX Leather ...either black or Dark green
    Fashion ? Ostrich... Orange or Violine
    Finance ? Matte Croc ...Havane or Graphite
    Film business ? Clemence...Bleu Jean or White
    Food ? Clemence again...Chartreuse
    Sports ? Togo .... Rouge Garance or Blue Brighton
    Health ? Epsom...White
    Jewelry ? Shiny Croc....Fuchsia
    Nursery? Swift ... Rose dragee or Biscuit

    Otherwise : Togo or Clemence Etoupe is a great everyday and neutral option :tup::heart:
  3. I *love* your analysis!

    I bet we could come up with something based on astrology signs or personality types!
  4. ^^^That would be cool to do!
  5. That was adorable! I love the breakdown. :tup:
  6. Perlerare, bag advisor:tup: You did a great job and spot on! Now how about some recommendations for slackers?

    Kept Woman
    Trophy Wife
    Trust Fund Baby
    You can add anything you want:P
  7. Love it Perlerare. And for SAHMs one of each.

  9. Perle, very interesting and thought out! I wonder what field YOU are in! :smile:
  10. Costa, just remember, the 35 is significantly larger. I also use the 35 when I have more to carry, but sometimes it gets very heavy. I would recommend a lighter leather, such as togo since you will be carrying a lot of stuff. Clemence is lovely, but gets VERY HEAVY with even just a few things inside. So I guess it really depends upon how much stuff you are going to put in there. As for color, I love etoupe..can be used in both the summer and fall. If you want a color, I'm sure everyone can chime in..again, it's so personal. All H colors are stunning! You won't go wrong!
  12. Amazing!
    I love your analysis!:tup:

    I've got a new job and I have to travel a lot, so this bag will go on the plane a lot, will stay on the floor, rain etc...

    Ok , here is what I had yesterday in my swift 30:
    laptop, book, one magazine, one newspaper, agenda, dagon wallet, phone, blackberry, palm, ulysse notebook, hermes chachemire showl, one pochette, one change wallet. Things where coming out of the bag!! And I had all the documents in the other hand!:sos:

    I don't want to carry two bags anymore I did for a while but it's really unconfortable and doesn't look too good on me. Briefecases make me look too much "career woman". I prefere to keep a more feminine look even if I have to bring a lot of staff with me

    Colors: I like black, ebane, forest green, gold. If it wasn't for the "heavy work" I would have loved vache naturelle or even toile.

    Etoupe is a lovely, adorable and fashionable color. But I don't know if I would like it in let's say five years, when, maybe, it's not going to be a fashionable color anymore, I don't really see it as a classic-for ever color.

    I would love a kind of structured bag, but since i'ts a big size I don't know if box is going to be too much. That's why I was thinking of fjord, which is more structured than clemance. But Fjord might be too heavy?:sad:
  13. :lol:
    Perlerare, you are superb:tup:!
  14. The lightest leathers are Box, Epsom, Vache Liegée....Fjord is heavier than Clemence, IMO. If you like structured bags, VL is supposed to be pretty indistructable. Otherwise Togo, which is a bit less slouchy than Clemence, but they're not making much Togo at the moment..... As for colours, all the shades of brown, I like rouge H in Clemence, olive green? vert bronze is lovely, if it's still around....I can't really think of other "neutrals" You're getting Raisin, you don't want etoupe.....What about Prune? I LOOOVE it, both in Box and Swift, that's a good neutral too, IMO!
  15. You rock Sus!!!!! :woohoo:

    Perlerare I love your breakdown :tup: