30 things to put you in an instant good mood

    1. Google your first crush. Consider sending him an e-mail
    2. Get rid of some unhappiness: let go of a grudge, forgive a slight, unload a worry
    3. Give dark nail polish a rest. Yes, it's edgy, yes, it's winter, but nothing beats looking down at ten pretty brights
    4. Watch The Nanny Diaries and feel instantly better about your job
    5. Eat and drink plenty of pink lemonade, grapefruit, champagne, icing. Guarateed mood-lifter
    6. Run an ice cube all over him. Or if there's no him, you
    7. Take a moment to think of your most favourite thing. It worked for Maria Von Trapp
    8. Use your sexy walk. Take all catcalls as compliments
    9. Open drawer. Insert Blackberry. Close drawer. Walk away
    10. Treat yourself to some really, really expensive make-up and tell yourself 'because I'm totally worth it!'
    11. Have an all-day screening of your favourite, feel-good movies
    12. Plant something. Watch it grow. Eat it with a nice vinigarette
    13. Throw out your manky old PJs and dressing gown. Slink around in satin seperates. Trust us, it works
    14. Naked sleeping, naked TV watching, naked ipod uploading, naked housework . . . need we go on?
    15. Download an ice cream van jingle as your ringtone as a nostalgic boost of happiness. Just search onlnine for 'download ice cream van ringtone' - it actually works!
    16. Put a pair of sunglasses on a baby, strictly for your own enjoyment
    17. Have a power nap
    18. Make a cake. Smells good, tastes even better - plus you get to bathe in the glow of domestic goddessness
    19. Order the two and a half pound lobster. Of course you can finish it!
    20. Birkram sex. As in hot, sweaty and intense
    21. "Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing gonna be alright." Repeat any time you need a Bob Marley moment
    22. Get up early, get in the car and drive to the countryside to watch the sun rise. Guaranteed to make you feel good to be alive
    23. Borrow a mate's dog for the day for a big dose of unconditional love
    24. Entertain your fellow drivers by singing along to the radio with the windows turned down
    25. Add fresh mint to all cold beverages for a taste of summer
    26. Book a quick weekend break to a romantic hotel. It may be freezing outside but it's getting hot in here (as Nelly might say)
    27. Be barefoot more often than is socially appropriate
    28. Get in your PJs at 7 pm. Lie on the couch. Don't get up until bedtime
    29. Wear gorgeous underwear even when you're not seeing your man. Celebrate Being Sexy For Yourself. Got it?
    30. Turn 360 degrees and identify five thing s around you that are making your life beautiful right now.
    (British Glamour)

    And here's one from me: make your hand into Rock and Roll. Raise in the air and scream, "Whoooo!"
  1. one of the thing that puts me in instant good mood is receiving the new bag i order online LOL
  2. :roflmfao: Good post Caitlin!

  3. God I love British magazines!!! They put some of ours to shame!
  4. They can be really bad, honestly :yucky:

    Caitlin has a talent for finding the perfect features :yes:
  5. ^^ Thank you!
  6. Caitlin, I apreciated that thread so much! I got quite a giggle out of it. :biggrin:

    You're right, English magazines ARE so much better! Every time I should happen to travel anywhere outside the U.S. [Germany for Spring Break this year, CAN'T WAIT!] I ALWAYS stock up on the British magazines at the airports because they usually tend to have them everywhere except here. ;[
  7. I love British magazines! Sorry, I can't help it, but I feel that the American ones are so "polished" and "perfect" while the British one are a lot more bold when it comes to topics and everyday people.
  8. awesom list. what is a catcall though?

    and nothing beats shopping and a day at the spa
  9. Webster defines a catcall as loud or raucous cry made especially to express disapproval.

    Which is wierd because when I think of catcalls, I think, "Ow, OW!" and "YEAH, shake it, baby!"