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  1. ^^ The bag is a Raisin CDC. This one is by Special Order only I think.
  2. Oh that bag has been listed for ages. Make sure the seller gives you updated pics with today's newspaper beside the bag so that you know what you are getting.
  3. thankyou for your advise. it is an great idea. actually I want to order it from store, not want to buy it from ebay.

    is anyone know how much the bag probably is?
  4. could you tell me the stand for "CDC"? is that mean it is a exotic skin?
  5. Chevre de Coromandel

    I don't know anything about that listing, but a 30 cm Raisin CdC w/PHW is To. Die. For.

  6. Goat skin, not exotic, but tend to be slightly more expensive than normal calf leathers. I am not sure whether raisin in CDC is a common offering; if not, then it would only be available by special order, which is usually limited to VIPs, but many people have been lucky to bond with good SAs, who have invited them to place special orders. Good luck in your search!

  7. thanks for reply. CO:To. Die. For.

    *sigh* :biggrin:
  8. I see. thanks. But it is my first birkin, maybe hard to get
  9. ^^^ Raisin also comes in other skins, e.g. togo, which are more common and might be easier to get.
  10. I saw a friend of mine do have a Raisin Togo leather birkin. I donot like the vernis of the leather, also after using for a while ,the bag looks shaggy. is any other leather to recommend? resistance to stratch, no shaggy after using a while, colorful?

  11. Clemence is a great choice - slouchy and doesn't have to be babied as much as some of the leathers. Raisin looks good in clemence, too...of course raisin looks good in ANY leather!
  12. Not sure what you mean by shaggy. All leathers are prone to scratching and wear, though togo and clemence are probably the easiest in terms of showing less wear. You might want to look at the reference thread to see what other kinds of leathers raisin comes in and then research those.
  13. You are better off ordering if you can. This is way over retail, even with all the price increases. A 30cm is now about $8250 USD. Chevre will cost a tad more, but only like $300 more or so, something like that. Not worth the immediate satisfaction to pay that much more imho. If you think it is, then certainly go for it, but as mentioned earlier, this bag has been listed forever. It's most certainly beautiful though!! Raisin is in production, but chevre will need to be ordered.
  14. Can't say about CDC, I have a bag in Chevre mysore leather, in Raisin color as well. I suppose those leathers have same qualities, right?
    Chevre Mysore is very light, holds shape perfectly even if you are stuffing the bag to the fullest, scratch resistant!, and I had no problems carriying it in the snow and rain, it looks brand spanking new and I love this bag dearly because it's such a low maintenance.