30+ pictures of new Chanel bags!!! WOW!

  1. Here are a few pics that my SA sent me! Just wanted to share them with you. Enjoy! :love:
    chanel1.jpg chanel2.jpg chanel3.jpg chanel4.jpg chanel5.jpg
  2. more pics...
    chanel6.jpg chanel7.jpg chanel8.jpg chanel9.jpg chanel10.jpg
  3. more pics... :yes:
    chanel11.jpg chanel12.jpg chanel13.jpg chanel14.jpg chanel15.jpg
  4. even more... :p
    chanel16.jpg chanel17.jpg chanel18.jpg chanel19.jpg chanel20.jpg
  5. I saw this bag at the NM SD trunk show. I L:heart: VE it, but that price tag is keeping me at bay.:wtf:

  6. thanks for sharing Lainey.

    I do love the new cotton club.

    Wow the new patent luxury ligne
  7. can't get enough... :tender:
    chanel21.jpg chanel22.jpg chanel23.jpg chanel24.jpg chanel25.jpg
  8. Last set!!! Enjoy!!!! :girlsigh: :cutesy: :love: Love them all!!!
    chanel26.jpg chanel27.jpg chanel28.jpg chanel29.jpg Chanel30.jpg
  9. You're SA is awesome to send you all of these pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us.:smile:
  10. Thanks Lainey for all the pics!!!! WOW!!!!!! It is so nice to be able see the bags, I do not have any Chanel retailer near me.
    As I said in Jag's thread-- God Bless the S/As who send pics!!!!!!!!!
  11. No problem! Oh! I still have to post some jewelry... Give me a minute...
  12. OMG! Who and where do I call?!!?


    Thanks so much Lainey!
  13. WOW. Beautiful.
  14. Oh my, you are killing me. I'm THIS close to getting on a waitlist for that black flap bag for $4,500+
  15. This bag looks even more fabulous in the dark white!