30 or 35?

May 16, 2007
30 too! I find 35 too big. more like a luggage bag.

This is my Azur when I first got it at South Coast. I'm 5'2.

Patina after 5 months.
I just got the 30 and I think its the perfect size. I also agree that the 35 looks alittle too much like luggage, unless you like the really saggy look (which can be really great too!). If you are looking for a more structured handbag look, the 30 is awesome.
Jul 3, 2006
I choose the 30 too (I have a 25 and a 3o). The one time I saw a woman in real life at the mall with a 35, it just looked a little silly to be honest. Way too much like luggage. The 30 holds a tremendous amount. I love mine.