30 or 35?

  1. hi everyone! i'm going to buy my very first LV this week but still confused about getting the mono speedy 30 or 35? any ideas???
  2. 30!
  3. 30 too! I find 35 too big. more like a luggage bag.

    This is my Azur when I first got it at South Coast. I'm 5'2.

    Patina after 5 months.
  4. I agree .... I'd go for the 30 as well.

    Have fun buying your first LV and don't forget to post pics! ;)
  5. I just got the 30 and I think its the perfect size. I also agree that the 35 looks alittle too much like luggage, unless you like the really saggy look (which can be really great too!). If you are looking for a more structured handbag look, the 30 is awesome.
  6. I choose the 30 too (I have a 25 and a 3o). The one time I saw a woman in real life at the mall with a 35, it just looked a little silly to be honest. Way too much like luggage. The 30 holds a tremendous amount. I love mine.
  7. 3555 !!!
  8. I vote for the 30, I am constantly amazed at how much I can carry in the 30, it's my all-time favorite LV. Good luck!
  9. 30!
  10. I got my first Speedy 2 weeks ago and chose the 30.
  11. 35...I love mine
  12. I got a Speedy 35 because I hate the opening of the 25 and 30. For me it's too small, and I don't like it if I scratch my hands when I go in and out. Go for the 35 - it's very special and not so often to see..
  13. 35, thats my next purchase. i have 3 30's and i love them too but cant wait to get the 35
  14. 30 is the perfect size imo. 25 is too small and 35 is too big...unless you are using it for only certain occasions when you are carrying a ton of stuff. 30 is better for everyday use.
  15. I think 30 is the perfect size! 35 seems more like a luggage piece..