30 or 35 Birkin? HELP!

  1. Ok Birkin experts (you know who you are), I need some help!!! I have joined the Birkin hunt and I have been looking for a 35cm Birkin. But looking at all the 30cm Birkins posted, I am having second thoughts about the size. Since the chances of me having a 30 and 35 side by side for comparison will be next to zero, I am hoping the Birkin owners can help me decide. I am 5'4" and average size. I have tried on a 32 Kelly before and thought it was a good size... what to do? or does it really matter? HELP!

    (of course, this is all assuming that I will be lucky enough to even come across any Birkin! :lol: )
  2. How much stuff do you usually carry? What kind of bags do you carry now (big ones or small ones)? I'm 5'3" and I like the 30cm, but I have not seen a 35cm so I'm not sure how much bigger it is. I actually don't really like bags that are too big, but I think I'm getting used to them. I used to think the Paddington and Balenciaga City bags were HUGE but now they're normal to me
  3. I go through this all the time! It's tough. The 30 is a handbag - better for day-into-evening and the 35, a tote, better as a work bag or for traveling. Also consider the weight of the bag. A 35 in a leather like Togo is quite heavy. It doesn't bother some people at all, but those who are sensitive to this, like me, find the 35 pretty heavy!
  4. I just bought the LV Passy PM and that's about my usual size of bags? I always carry a full size wallet, cell phone, makeup bag, sunglasses, and some random knick knacks. BTW - LOOOVE your new rouge Birkin :love: !! It looks great on you and that's what started my 35cm doubt! :unsure:
  5. I think one thing to consider also is the width of the bag on the sides. I don't have a Birkin, but I tried on my work colleague's 35cm Birkin and it is huge inside!
  6. Good questions. Of course I am in the same position as you are. But after seeing pics, talk to some members, and also talked to my SA, my choice will be 30 since I am also only 5'2"? And the idea of being heavy that too a draw back for me because I don't like heavy bag. If I have the money the Birkin skin will be my choice because I am sure they so much ligher than the reg leather. Ostrich...ohhh..
    But yeah I think 30 would be my choice though.
  7. Seetea, you are so pretty. I just love your picture. If I am having a bum day and I see it...it makes me think hey, look she is pretty happy. Like you are always happy and it picks me up. Love the smaile and white teeth!

    ok, as for the Birkin...I wonder the same thing. I am 5'1" and I think I may go for the 35. See, I like the shape more in the 35. That extra gives it more of a rectangle vs a squarer look to me. It will be heavier, but I am practicing now carrying this HEAVY bag. I swear the leather on it is unbelievably heavy. Just a thought
  8. Kellybag thank you so much for your nice comment about pic of me!:biggrin: I am basicly a happy person and I like it that way although some days I do have I have bum days too but that's life. Smile..smile..smile..that's good for us!:biggrin:
  9. i think 30 is better for petite girls. I am 5'5'' but i don't seem to find my 28 plume too small on me. I think 30 is a good size considering the weight.
  10. Get the 35. I have both and prefer the 35. It is a good size and carries more stuff. Although, if you can swing it, get both.
  11. The 30 is really cute, but the 35 really stands out, IMHO.
  12. jehaga, your GP tote looks great!
  13. Hi Fopduck, the 30cm is a more elegant, ladylike & handbag-ish size, it won't hold as much as a 35, but it does holds quite a bit & depending on the leather & color of the bag, it could transit effortlessly from day to night.

    The 35cm, on the other hand, is more tote-like due to its size, especially due to its larger width compared to a 30cm. IMO it's great for work as it carries a lot, documents/files fit nicely in a 35. It's great if you're the kind who carry loads of stuff around. But bear in mind, it will be very heavy when fully loaded. So carrying a 30cm is like "forced discipline" to keep your bag light :biggrin:

    Practicality aside, I do know of some ladies who find the 30cm too dainty & ladylike for their taste, they prefer the modern, cool hip look of a 35.

    Think about your style...get the size that will work best for you and your lifestyle. Hope this helps!
  14. Thanks, Greentea!!! I think I'm crazy but I want another GP--the orange one)!
  15. Gigi: you are so right!! It nearly broke off my arm over the weekend when I carried it shopping. :nuts: