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  1. October 2, 2007
    Lookin’ Real Good

    You and style go together like rama lama lama (ke ding a de dinga dong). So where do you go for your latest duds? Shop Intuition, of course. They’ve got mod dresses from Julie Brown, brightly colored Dittos denim, and Elvis Costello-style sunglasses from Dita. Get 30% off almost everything on the site. A whop bam boom? Exactly.

    Enter DCSHOP at checkout.

    *Deal excludes sale items, fine jewelry valued at $200 or more, True Religion merch, and all personalized items.
  2. I wonder if revolveclothing.com will match this code too.
  3. Does anyone know when this code expires?
  4. Does anyone know if shop intuitions shipping got any better? From what I remember it would always take like 3 weeks - 1.5 months for my item to arrive.
  5. It will say under the item how long shipping will take. I've ordered items that all say they will arrive within 7-10 days and they do.
  6. Please update us if you find out whether revolve will match...thanks!
  7. im skepitcal - ive never rec'd anything in under 2 months - their CS isnt that great and nothing ever seems to be in stock and they never bother to tell you. its frustrating dealing with them but 30% makes it hard to stay away...
  8. I haven't ordered anything recently, but that last order I placed took a while. It's one of the reason why I'm hesitant to order from them. Patience is not my best quality lol.
  9. yeah same goes for me. horrible CS and shipment takes forever :sad:
    but you are right. the 30% is hard to walk away from. :smile:
  10. Has anyone tried the international shipping on their site? Apparently you have to sign up with US Global Mail, but it all seems so complicated! Anyone want to explain to me how it all works??
  11. sure!
  12. I also went ahead and e-mailed to see if they'd match this or the letrainbleu 25% code. Will let you know what/if I hear back. I did just have Revolve ignore one of my e-mails a couple of weeks ago, and that one was about availability - I was pretty surprised.
  13. Just got confirmation from Revolve that they are matching the shopintuition code. I'd go with that and get their prompt shipping and better service!
  14. Thanks for the update kimberf!!
  15. Aww! I wish I could find something I liked and take advantge of this! What did you gals order?