30% off sale items at eluxury!

  1. Done automatically when you put things in your cart!!
  2. 30% is awesome, but does anyone have a FREE SHIPPING CODE??? that would just MAKE MY day!!
  3. i just got a goldenbleu satchel in a beeeyooootiful purple patent leather for $391, originally $745!!! yay!
  4. Thank you so much purseinsanity.

    Ladies, if you are to order Goldenbleu Jordan in Black Patent or Amethyst Patent, make sure to price match it with Zappos.com

    I live in CA and eLuxury charges $30 for tax. I just price matched with Zappos and they didn't charge me any tax, although they are supposed to. I got lucky. So I ended up paying $369.28 with free 1-Day shipping.[FONT=VERDANA, GENEVA, ARIAL][/FONT][FONT=VERDANA, GENEVA, ARIAL][/FONT]
  5. Does E-Lux do price adjustments? I order something on the 19th with the 20% off, and now the item is 30%. That is an extra $100!
  6. Are there any exclusions?
  7. NVM, I see it now. Off sale items.
  8. They will if they still have your item in the same color and size you ordered. If not then they won't do it.
  9. Is there still a free shipping code?