30% off SALE at Jimmy Choo-Chicago!!!!!!!!!

  1. If there is a bag you are looking for, Casey called to let me know MANY bags & shoes are 30%:yahoo::yahoo: off today, so call quickly for best selection!!!

    Ask for Casey:party:

    Don't know if it is ail JC Boutiques or Just Chicago (as it is their newest store to open) but she can grab almost anything available in the computer
  2. Thanks for posting, Robyn. :tup: It sounds like she's got a BUNCH of stuff on sale...

    So I finally ordered my Burgundy Riki. Hopefully I'll have more luck with it than my giganormous Ramona.

    Will post pics when it gets here.
  3. Congratulations bonniec! Hope you love it. Looking forward to pics.

    As for the sale, I believe it is all JC boutiques. I got a call from my SA in Orlando. The one bag I want though is not on sale. Oh well. Can't wait to see everyone elses loot. I get equally excited seeing other peoples finds!
  4. I LOVE JC's sales!!:yahoo: I ran out at lunch to the 5th Ave boutique (located one very dangerous :ninja: block from my job). It wasn't too crowded.

    I scored the Hepsie sandals in copper snakeskin and the Henne zebra peeptoe pumps/sandals. I am tempted to slip on one of my new pairs and do a few laps around my floor!

    :heart:I also saw a distressed Zebra Riki -- the size was perfect! :heart: My only hesitation was the distressing because it seemed there was too much of it. The problem is that I have never had a calf hair bag, so I don't know how natural distressing is supposed to look. :confused1: Has anyone had any experience with how calf hair bags wear?

    Choo will have the zebra print Riki again for cruise, but without any distressing. The problem is -- it'll be full price. :sad: The other animal print bag I am considering is Celine's Lirine Tiger bag that will be available for f/w.

    What to do ... Sales are too stressful sometimes -- the deals are too tempting.
    zebra shoe.jpg jimmy_choo_hepsie_sandals.jpg
  5. if u dont mind me asking, how much were the hepsies on sale?
  6. Heavunlydevil, The snakeskin hepsies (copper or silver) were originally priced at $620. At 30% off, they cost $434.

    The hepsies also came in metallic leather that were less expensive. They were originally $495, but reduced down to $346.50. I would have bought the gold leather (don't know if they came in silver as well), but they were sold out in my size.
  7. Stinam, did you see a Burgundy Riki there? ;) Oor, should I say, MY Riki there? I think that's the store where my bag is coming from.:yes:

    Congrats on your finds. I saw some JC shoes at Saks here, but I don't wear normal clothes to work (just scrubs and clogs). I miss buying nice, new shoes but somehow it's more difficult for me to justify than a bag. :shrugs:
  8. Congratulations on the shoes stinam. Very pretty and versatile. Try not to be stressed and tempted too much about the sale. It helps me to identify the bags I love, love, love before a sale. If they are not part of the sale I just don't participate in the sale. It will only take away from what you really want this fall. This has helped me from making impulse sale purchases that I have regreted in the past:sad:. Interested to see the Celine.
  9. those are hot! congrats on the great find, stinam. Do you know what the heel length is on that pair?

  10. Bonnie -- Unfortunately, I didn't see a burgundy Riki there, so that must mean that they packed her right up to get her right home to you where she belongs!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    I think it's great that you don't have to worry about shoes. :tup: I would love to focus on just nice bags, but there are always competing expenditures like shoes and clothes for the office that impact my handbag purchasing decisions (and my wallet).
  11. Thanks Samantha!!:cutesy:

    I think you've offered up some sage advice. The reduced price of the Zebra Riki is tempting, but I think the distressing would bother me once the sale high wore off. In contrast, I have been really happy with the shoe purchases because (1) the distressing on the zebra shoes isn't as noticeable as the bag and (2) I had been eyeing them (and the copper shoes) before the sale.

    I think I am going to wait to see their non-distressed Riki when it comes out at year's end, and save up for items I truly want for fall.
  12. Evychew -- both pairs are 4" and are surprisingly stable and comfortable. The zebra pair do take some time to fasten because the button closure doesn't have any elastic to it, but I figured I had enough time during my train ride in the morning to get them to close.