30% off sale at Grossmanshoes.com

  1. They have fabulous shoes and handbags, and yes, everything is authentic! Just got an email that they are having their 30% off sale right now. Check it out www.grossmanshoes.com

    Happy shopping everyone!!!:flowers:
  2. Thanks Jag! I am looking into it.
  3. I really doubt the authenticity! Honestly, as far as gucci shoes is concerned there are models there that do not actually exist or if they do they have not been in the gucci website or stores for the last 3 years:cry:
  4. I seriously do not think they are selling fakes! All the Jimmy Choo shoes are the same styles that are in the JC store on Madison. The gucci shoes have been sold in Saks this season
  5. They look legit to me..and I own half those Gucci shoes..LOL!
  6. ^^^^ I want to live in Jill's closet :heart:

    Anyone have a free shipping code for grossmanshoes.com?
  7. Actually, this is a pretty reputable company. I first learned of them through Greenie here on the PF a while ago- and heard that they are absolutely legit from many sources. And I have seen most of those shoes IRL at one store or another. So rest easy my friends, I do believe this site is ok!!!
  8. But if you were living in Jill's closet you'd get lost!

    Thanks for the post Jag!
  9. Me too - is there some room in there to move in amongst those Gucci shoes??? :lol:
  10. Hi girls,

    I feel very embarassed.:Push: I did not want to offend anyone! Its just that from the pictures I saw that was my conclusion. If you say they are authentic I have no reason to doubt you:shame: