30% off rebecca minkoff!!

  1. Did anyone else just receive this email?
  2. Just got it. I'm bummed about the color selection, but other than that, it's still really awesome of them.
  3. I agree, very limited selection.:tdown:
  4. What were you girls looking for??

    I'm getting the mini Nikki in purple! LOVE IT!!!!!
  5. Those look like left over bags from the ss marked up at full price then given a code! :tdown:
  6. the purple is sooo pretty!! i love it. Post pics when you get it!!
  7. Will do!
  8. I wish I had the xtra $$ to get a mini in the Blue - I luv that color and would really like to add a mini to my collection, but I can't be spending any more $$ on myself right now - I haven't gotten anyone's Xmas presents yet!!
  9. yeah i would love the mini in green but saving $160~ is just not enough of a discount to justify purchasing it at this time :sad:
  10. I've been thinking about a Nikki but am not sure this is enough of a discount to risk no return. Has anybody seen the sky blue color in person?
  11. I love that purple nikki but already spent enough money and saving my money for the yuen sale :sad: That purple color is so pretty though...

    I wonder why they don't have as much selection though as say lunaboston? Especially since they make the bags?
  12. I just ordered the mini in blue!!! I'm so excited. I have been debating between either a red or blue mini and with 30% off the blue, my mind was made up! For $400 with shipping I couldn't pass it up! woohoo!

    I'm also loving the nikki in the blue and purple... do I dare order another one????
  13. I love the blue one! I was thinking about that one myself. But I must resist. pls post pics when you get it!:yes:
  14. wow. you guys are ruthless. rebecca HERSELF did this for US. give her some credit.
  15. I love the matinee in berry but shipping to Singapore is US95 which is ridiculous.