30% OFF @ Neimans

  1. my SA called me yesterday to let me know that starting this tuesday (November 27) through the end of december they would be having a sale on select BV, bal, chloe(?), prada etc. so everyone go to Neimans and take advantage. :yahoo:
  2. Thank you! I have been waiting to buy a Prada bag in hopes it would go on sale! :tup:
  3. sorry. i was just informed that it may just be the Neimans that i go to. Tysons Galleria. call yours to check when your sale starts
  4. I pre-ordered a BV montaigne for my mom yesterday. so excited :yahoo:
  5. I was at NM Northpark Dallas yesterday and they have started pre-selling all those bags!:woohoo: They were marking down the bags at Prada and I asked the lady if the other brands are also having mark-downs and she said yes. We went around and saw other brands, like Gucci, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu, Tods, Bv, and others were being brought out on tables and slowly more bags were coming out. Every time we went back to the Gucci area, there were more styles coming out. The SAs at the Gucci boutique, themselves, were grabbing bags as soon as they were being brought to the floor. probably reserving for their regular customers. I ended up with a pink miu miu for my daughter, and 2 guccis for me. I grabbed a dior classic east/west that was on the table, but when my SA checked, it wasn't included in the sale. It was mistakenly brought out. Most of the bags on pre-sale were Prada, Gucci, and Dior. Prices were 33% OFF ! There were wallets on sale too. So Ladies, better go now because they're going fast!
  6. OMG!! I was there too! Wasn't it awesome??? I was looking at the tables right after they brought them out. I bet we passed each other!:p

    I was at Willowbend right before going to Northpark and they were marking down too! That store's not as big, but still had some good stuff.
  7. May I ask which Miu Miu was on sale? Does bow satchel on sale?
  8. I don't know the styles. but I did see quite a few MiuMiu bags on sale :yes:!
  9. Which NM was this?
  10. imonpurseblog - yes, it was awesome! I was with my daughters, I'm sure we

    passed each other.:smile:

    myskylab - the bow satchel wasn't on sale. My daughter was interested in

    that too. We bought the small vitello in pink.
  11. can you order over the phone? i am in Australia, but would love to get a miu-miu ...
    thanks :smile:
    oh, and does it include marc by marc jacobs?
  12. Aw, too bad I'll not be able to drive down to my nearest NM, and take advantage of the whole sale since I'll be flying out of town soon and will be very busy till then. Lucky of those who live close by!
  13. I wish I lived anywhere near a NM, or a Saks, or a BG for that matter (the closest is 1.5 hours from me :push:smile: I have some boots I am looking for on sale. I guess I will call and try to describe them.
  14. i def. need to contact someone about this sale! Thanks for the heads up!!
  15. Do you know which Gucci bags/collection were included in the 33% markdown?