30% off LeSportSac bags!

  1. Eeh! Just got this in my e-mail from DailyCandy:

    Carry your things in tote-al luxury with a jazzy bag from LeSportsac. You’ll have a little extra lunch money when you save 30% on your purchase.

    Enter code DCPROMO at checkout.
  2. Oooh, Tokidoki Included? :confused1:
  3. i hope so
  4. Just tried it on a Tokidoki bag, and YES, it does work! So the promo does include Tokidoki bags! Hurry, though, most of those bags are selling out FAST.
  5. thanks for the heads up!!~
  6. THANKS SO MUCH! I've been wanting a fafiness print for soooo long! yippee!
  7. i just got the camera bag... and added 2nd day shipping and it was only $74.. ty for the coupon
  8. Thanks!! :yahoo:
  9. Fafiness here I come!!!:tup:
  10. Wow! Thanks so much!!
  11. If you have a filene's basement around you they carry a good selection of lesportsac bags
  12. Thank you SO MUCH for this code! I finally grabbed a bag I have been wanting for a while now!
  13. Thanks! - worked great!