30% off Kale at Kataphileo

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  1. Any opinions on the Kale Palmer?
  2. I have one and love it. I got it for a killer price, not sure if I'd even like it.
    I was pleasantly surprised. I usually go for large bags, and found it holds
    all I need it to.

    The pink suede lining is gorgeous, too!
  3. Which palmer do you have? The tote or the satchel? I bought a Kale handbag last winter and absolutely love it. And you are right, the suede lining is so beautiful.
  4. I got the satchel - in a fabric, can't remember the name. Kind of a cream color
    with a metallic mixed in. It took me carrying it once to fall in love with it.

    Been buying too much lately, or I'd get another one.
  5. I think I really like the Avocado color but in real life I don't know if I could pull it off but I really love the shape of the bag.