30% off Hayden Harnett at JCMadison

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  1. Code SANTA5 gets 30% off HH at JCMadison. Think it's tomorrow's sale, but I got the email tonight...good luck to everyone
  2. Thanks so much for posting this! It's really a great deal cause as long as you buy something from HH, the discount is applied to the whole order!

    I just got two bags that I've been lusting after - the havana from HH and a Botkier bianca!:yahoo:
  3. What confused me and ultimately had me purchase from HH itself was that JCM was showing the Lorcas with Tassles but not mentioning they were included. Since I definitely wanted the Tassle I decided to go with the 216 dollar bag with free shipping and add a tassle for 12 than pay approximately 205 for a bag with no tassle plus I'd pay shipping.

    Can you tell I really research my bag purchases? LOL
  4. I think jcMadison marks some of the bags with a higher price than HH themselves. For example, the Lorca is $288 on HH website and Luna Boston, but it's marked $295 on jcMadison. Another example is the Mercer clutch. It's $253 on HH and Luna Boston, but $265 on jcMadison.

    Deal hunters have to be cautious all the time...that's my conclusion.