30% off Friday fix (today only) at Daszign

  1. 30% off the following brands today only:

    True Religion (they got in new stock), Grimaldi and Walter

    code is 30NOV2007

    expires at midnight
  2. I am bummed! I just bought a pair of True Religion with a 15% off coupon at Revolve and thought I was getting a good deal. Would of loved to get the 30 off. Oh well.
  3. ^^Then return the ones from RC and get it from Daszign.
  4. Tee - all you have to do is call revolve and ask them to adjust the coupon amount on your order to match daszign's. They usually don't do coupons on TR but since daszign is, they prob will. Won't know till you call though. ;)

    or do as wantmore said since revolve has free return shipping.

    BTW wantmore, everytime I see one of your posts cuz of your avatar, it makes me want cupcakes with those sprinkles on it. hehe