30% off/free shipping Hayden-Harnett

  1. OMG i just bought a bag from their website but with the 15% off.. i hope they will change it for me... :sad:
  2. Does not work on sale items...
  3. When you go to the site and type it in, it looks like the discount is only 20% (the Suki goes from $395 to $316). More of their computer problems, maybe?
  4. i'm seeing the same 20% discount online. hopefully they will figure it out soon. they seem to have major issues managing their website...
  5. Aw, shucks. The 30% doesn't apply to items already on sale? At least the sale prices seem to be better than the sample sale prices! Now, of course, wouldn't you know that just last week I ordered the Mercer clutch in ink and only had a 15% off coupon? Figures.
  6. Just for the sake of it, I just tried to get a sale item and see if the coupon would work and it didn't. Now I'm not so sure I'll order that bag...
  7. You know, from the e-mail it seemed that the 30% off was an EXTRA amount off - otherwise why would you need the coupon code since they've already marked the prices down on the site? Weird.
  8. The way their site works (ha!): when you type in the code once it automatically marks everything down, so it looks like everything already was on sale.

    I do see the sale items being marked down further after I type in the code.

    And no, earlier today I did not write that I was on a ban for a month. That was some other HH freak who shares my body.
  9. Hmmm....
    Am I doing something wrong? :shrugs: The item that I am looking at is showing 20% off already when I click on the link. When I enter the code and just before I enter my cc info it still shows the same price. It is not taking an additional 30% off. Is it supposed to? Or do I just get the 20?
  10. I think it depends on how popular you think the bag is and if it would go quickly. Personally, I think it was a glitch in their announcement. They probably meant to say 20% and free shipping, because 30% and free shipping is almost like 40% off! Which I would love, but I know isn't a very popular price point for retailers or manufacturers.

    The other reason I think it's a glitch is because the free shipping shows up right away - so it makes me think that the default was a discount was set to 20% off across the board and free shipping automatically.

    Just my $.10 :smile:
  11. does anyone know if their customer service is good??

    I just ordered a bag and the passport thing from them earlier today before I saw this thread... since the sale started today anyways you think they will revise my invoice and apply teh 30% with teh free shipping?

    ahhh!!! I wish I could have seen this sooner :sad:
  12. Re customer service: the one time I called them they could not have been nicer. I think if you look in the sample sale thread in this subforum others mention that when you call them they're helpful.
  13. i just sent HH an email notifying them about the discrepancy between the 30% offer and the 20% actual discount... they should either change the mother's day ad to 20% or more hopefully make everything 30% as advertised!
  14. HH just got back to me about the problem:
    Hi Jess, I am aware of the problem with the code and I am waiting for the IT guy to contact me. It might be a computer glitch. I am hoping that the problem is fixed before the end of day.

    Thank you
    looks like it really is 30% off!!! cool!!! if you all hang out another day you can get your 30%!