30% off Footlocker

  1. Wow! Thanks! I've been waiting for the discount to get new Nike's. I will def. use it this wkend. :tup:
  2. Thank you!!!
  3. no problem!!

    guess how i got it?

    i was searching on eBay...

    and the seller....must of not realized that they included the link to the coupon ON THE DESCRIPTION,..haha..they were selling it for .99 each.

  4. Thanks! I can sure use this!
  5. Thanks for the coupon! Let's home I can find something good! :tup:

    LOL :roflmfao: at the coupon! But my goodness they are selling everything now - are there people who actually buy them?
  6. hahah yeah i was crackin up...:graucho:

    yes, people buy those coupon codes.
  7. Haha how funny is that... good job! Maybe I should do a search next time too... thanks for the tip!
  8. ^^no prob!