30% off footlocker + extra 10% off $100

  1. Wow great coupon! Thanks!
  2. Woohoo Time to shop for sneakers!!
  3. Hope I can find some cute shoes for the gym... Thanks sadhunni!
  4. Awesome! I just saw a cute pair of Nikes yesterday. Now I can buy them! Thank you!
  5. Awesome deal! Thanks for sharing!
  6. thanks a bunch sadhunni!!! :biggrin:
  7. sadhunni, thanks! i just bought 3 pairs of shoes and saved $50!
  8. Thanks so much! I need a new pair of Pumas!
  9. awesome!!!! t4p!!!!
  10. I just came back from footlocker. I got a new peyton manning jersey to wear to the jets vs. colts game tomorrow! They are all going to boo at me but I'm a colts fan and I have to support my team! LOL!
  11. Thanks!!! Went to footlocker today and picked up a pair of Nikes on sale. Once they added the discount I ended up getting a pair of $89.99 sneakers for $41.99.