30% off + extra 10% off Footlocker.....

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  1. valid at footlocker, lady footlock, kids footlocker and possibly at champs and footaction (retail stores only). They are all owned by the same company and sometimes if you ask nicely at the champs/footaction stores if they'll honor the coupon, they will. Depends on the manager though.

  2. Thanks for the coupon Tracy! That helps me a lot!
  3. Wow! What a deal! Thank you, Spacytracy :flowers:
  4. I receive the same e-mail... I just ordered a pair of Nike's keke... been waiting for this... Oh remember to shop through u'r cash back sites... I got 6% back... so it's like 36% for me...
  5. dangit, I always forget to go through ******. I just bought a ton of stuff at gap, macys and old navy and could have gotten so much back! POO!