30% off everything at Karizma.com

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  1. They have a cream Kooba Sienna - nice for summer - comes to $417

  2. Do you mean karizmaboutique.com? Is there a discount code? Thanks!
  3. Yes, I'm sorry. The code is on toutie.com, you can double check, but I believe it's toutie 30%
  4. DSC_5633s.jpg
  5. Thanks sooooo much for posting this code. I've had an eye on that Cream Kooba for a very long time but coudn't justify that price tag to hubby without SOME kind of discount. I saw the code on Pursedeals but she left out the 30% part so it wouldn't work. When I typed in "TOUTIE 30%" WALA, oh beautiful discount -and it wouldn't have happened if it weren't for you Dee-Dee! Thank you, Thank you!!! My lovely is on it's way.
  6. WOW dee-dee thanks:lol: I just ordered the kooba sienna in cognac:love: ! I got the 30%!!! Guess I'll be returning my FULL PRICE Sienna that arrived yesterday from NM:smile:
  7. Do they only ship to the US??
  8. You guys are both welcome very much. When I was looking for my Andrea Brueckner, someone here told me about toutie.com and I was able to save 15%. So it's only right that I pass on the savings to my fellow bloggers. That's what we're all here for. :smile:
  9. Dee-Dee,
    thanks so much for the coupon code. I ordered the Kooba Sienna in Cream, it's just gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to get it. Thanks again,
  10. Hi, I'm new and was also wondering if Karizma shipped to Canada, what a great deal for a Kooba purse.
  11. Thank you so much for the coupon code dee dee! Now i'm torn - white or cream. Help me decide please!
  12. tod,
    I ordered the cream. The white looks sooo white in the photos, I thought it would be too bright for me, the cream will be a great neutral.
  13. I agree. I had to make up my mind last night as the coupon was expiring and got the cream. Thanks, I feel better now.
  14. That is a great price!
  15. OH my gosh! Thanks for the info!