30% off Coupon Code for Standardstyle.com

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  1. I just got the heads up on this awesome coupon code for standardstyle.com and thought I would share it with everyone. It's 30% off everything including sale. I just picked up an awesome Rebecca Minkoff bag on sale and then got the 30% off on top of it. The coupon code is employee30.:nuts:
  2. i don't see rebecca minkoff on their site? can you post a link to that page? thanks!
  3. #3 Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2009
  4. They are very strange to order from, I got something during the last sale. I never got any confirmation of my order, or a shipping email. My order just showed up at my door after a couple of weeks.
  5. I got a pair of the red Ray Ban wayfarers this morning for $56.65 shipped.