30% off Chloe Paddingtons - South Coast plaza

  1. At Traffic (that's the name of the store)

    My cousin went in there yesterday and shared the good news.

    She bought a hobo there and the SA gave her and extra 10% off. :yahoo:

    And this is the actual store, they don't have an online shop!!!!
  2. aw I don't have one of those stores around here :crybaby:
  3. they'll happily ship it to u too : )
  4. Thanks for the info D & G.
  5. whats the number of this store?
  6. Isn't there one is SoCal too??

    That's a great price!!

    You know I have too many bags alread when I can pass up a paddy sale :upsidedown: (words I never thought I'd type)
  7. Excellent info D&G! Thank you for sharing!
  8. Hey girls! I just called today and they have Regular Satchel in Mousse, some tan/brown color, and the hobo D&G posted about!! Thanks to D&G!! And they are going fast so jump on it!!! ;) :graucho: :flowers:
  9. thanks so much for posting the info d&g!!! what an amazing sale!

    both stores have paddingtons and silverados (and south coast also has clothing at 70% off)!

    phone numbers are 310-659-3438 and 714-557-9983

    edit...just fyi...the hobos are the smaller size
  10. No problem ladies :flowers: :heart:

    My cousin told me she was going to South Coast Plaza and i made her go into that store!!! HA!

    If any of you buy anything there, post pics!!!! :wlae:
  11. I just went down to South Coast Plaza and bought the paddy hobo in chocolate. It is gorgeous and the price was incredible! They still have a taupe paddy satchel, a mousse paddy satchel and a large tan paddy hobo, so I would advise anyone looking for any of these at a great price to get over there!!
  12. D&G, thank you for sharing the news! you rock! :rochard:
  13. NO problem Ijoewono.

    Remember to post pics of the paddy you get!!! :yahoo:
  14. hey guys are they selling the taupe in regular satchel? thanks!!
  15. When I was there a few days ago they had a medium paddy satchel in taupe and mousse. I bought the last chocolate hobo they had. The prices are great!!