30%off Chanel handbag

  1. I just got my first Chanel handbag from Bloomie at Chestnut hill at 30%off.There are 4-5 more handbag on sale.One of them is small reporter bag.
  2. Congratulations! What did you get? Post Pics!
  3. yay! another good deal. congrats. please post pics soon :smile:
  4. CONGRATS! Pix please......
  5. pics :woohoo:
  6. congrats on a good deal - any pics?
  7. Hi - can you tell us more about which bag is on sale? TIA
  8. I called earlier this morning they have only 2 left. One is brown Cambon reporter @ around $1900 included 30% off. I didn't catch the other but the price is around $3200 included 30% off. I wonder what is the 2nd bag, bcause he told me original price is $4500!
  9. i think the 2nd back is the tweed with charms, it was somewhere around 7K. IMO so not worth 4k!
  10. Christy2007 & fashionispoison - Thanks for checking.

    toefl525 - Any picture?
  11. I will post pisture soon but I have question for all of you.When I got this bag from bloomie,I forget to check the authetic card and I found out that it did not come with the bag.What should I do?return or...?TIA
  12. I would call the store and ask for it. There is slim chance that they will have it though. It depends if you really like the bag and get it at a great price. Do you plan to sell it later on? The authentication card will help with the sale. I personally don’t like to buy any bag that is missing the authentication card. Even though I have never sold any bag but I still prefer to have the complete documentation, probably due to my OCD. What bag did you get? If it's something HTF then keep it.
  13. Thank you bagchic1.I called the SA and she said she did not have the card for this bag and she offer me the authentication card but the #on the card won't match with the bag (sound funny?).I'm on my business trip now and will post picture soon.I really love the bag and it is my first cc bag...

  14. It's funny how the SA offered you another authentication card. She must not be familiar with how Chanel authentication works. I hope this is not her normal practice, no wonder the card was missing from your bag. There were lots of bag on sale in the past months. There are still probably a few around, depending on the style. Unless your bag is something hard to find, I would call around to find another ones with the card.
  15. Anyone know what is still available?